Why Always Me? (In Reflection) Babytelli

The Premiership’s lost loved 1, the former Manchester striker Mario Balotelli come blinger, ‘Bling, Bling’ known infamously for his 15 minutes of fame upon scoring v neighbours United, revealing another shirt beneath the City blue, (shirt) with the words emblazoned, “Why always me?”.

Time spent on Mario’s Manchester gig would have Balotelli driving a camouflaged Bentley, enter Moss Side, hit the main road, but there’s no Maine Road Stadium, “Where’s the stadium” retorts Mario, no, it’s the Etihad

Stadium (Eastlands) “Why always me?”.

Now hitting the Brazilian’s nuts on the road to flamingo, is it a bird? Or the new Mario dance craze? No, just another possible Madrid football gig.

For Mario’s final destination, fly me to the moon, “Blue Moon”, “Why always me?”.