Arse -nal TV + The Identity Syndrome. The Twitter Gong. Mo Salah. The Freedom Ride. Donkey Airlines

Arse – nal TV

Time to re-visit YouTube’s Arsenal Television but not officially affiliated to Arsenal Football Club, make sense? The ATV channel play high stakes off criticising the club, that’s what they feed off to keep it alive and kicking for their cash machines from their subscribers, ponded, that’s the accusations, in denial of course they will be.

Their projected public stated aim is to give the fans a voice, that’s the ATV billboard reading, the type of fans that like to load with verbal diarrhoea to feed off negativity. So does the ATV channel strip the club of a chunk of goodness for their commercial and financial gains, no negativity, no financial gain. The ATV crones were the driving force behind the hounding out of Unai Emery, link to article Jan 11th 202, Hounded Out, Unai Emery.

The founder of the ATV Robbie Lyle alongside the name of Mr Deniz T aka Liam Goodenough, the so called YouTube star, good business acumen to build the identity to create the monster, no not Gunnersaurus. Goodenough was convicted of a series of crimes, the list as long as the tattoos on his arm. For the ATV’s tarnished reputation, a liking to angry post match rants, the feeding frenzy is the ATV channel a cesspit fan club? To be derisive or does the channel have a positive vibe for the club, seems to be the former, tick that box link to article, Feb 3rd 2021 Come on You ATV

Arsenal Football Club is owned by the American concept , Stan Kroenke a hated figure but maybe not now with Arsenal sitting pretty in the Premiership. Does that mean that the ATV channel will have a drop in incoming revenue streams, most probably, nothing to criticise. Stan Kroenke, JT Henry, Wes Edens, Todd Boehly, to name a few, foreign owners galore, so does state ownership of a football club strip a club of its identity? The protracted sale of Liverpool Football Club to possible state ownership, brings into question the reaction of the club’s supporters if this transpired with the general consensus being that it would not sit well with the city of Liverpool, but does the continuation of the winning trophies under some state change the mindset, the same can be said for Manchester United who are under the for sale hammer. Supporters moan about lack of investment in their team but across to the blue park the Everton owner Farhad Moshiri invested heavily and is still criticised, castrated, watch the egg box roll. The Everton supporters got their knickers in a twist with a sighting of Moshiri with a Qatari state figure at the World Cup, Qatari ownership why not, that sits well does it? It would increase the sales of tea towels for the street sellers. Liverpool the Shankly club, Everton the people’s club, those values and identity need to be maintained, two clubs historically wise are the heartbeat of English football, take note, traditions to be maintained?

The Twitter Gong

The two sultanas short of a fruit cake, the former Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur’s defender Sol Campbell has derided one’s non entry on the New Year’s honour’s list via Twitter good for one’s accreditation on the paperwork, free meals perhaps at the poshest of restaurants, surely the medal type gong ends up in the antique’s room or a Sunday market, does anyone care, what about the employee who slogged away for thirty years in a sausage factory, chew on that, does he get a medal for services to sausages, get the drift, the list can go on.

Sol listed his achievements to justify his pleas for a medal, desperado type stuff, Sol who wants to lord it around as the swanky British Empire medal holder, pathetic. Sol is known for having an underground tunnel at one’s abode, perhaps he lives in fear of the Martians landing, all Sol-d out, the Twitter gong will have to suffice.

Put the Kettle on

Oh for those Christmas glad tidings and a lovely photo of Liverpool’s Mo Salah and his family was posted on the media outlets during the festivities. A negative response came from the Muslim community in with the Salah being Egyptian of Muslim faith to not celebrate Christmas. Some would suggest that Salah is not handcuffed to the beliefs who seems to have made that clear, is that Mo’s right? Honesty prevails.

It has been said that many have been seen calling the kettle black, non more so than the former Newcastle United player Senegal’s Papiss Cisse who was caught on camera at the Black Jack table in 2013 at the now closed Spears Casino in Newcastle, perhaps all the loot disappeared hence the closure. To many to not adhere to the non gambling and drinking beliefs is of a non honest nature. Previous to Cisse’s indiscretions, Papiss’ refusal to wear the newly endorsed Newcastle United sponsored shirt with the logo Wonga on the shirt, a pay day loan company. The controversy rumbled with the club losing patience and looking to offload the player to Russia, Cisse’s response, there’s colder than Newcastle, give me the shirt, I want to wear it, hypocrisy runs rife. To suggest that Mo Salah is no black kettle, put that on the boil.

Papiss Cisse

Papiss Cisse is now playing for the Amiens sporting club in the French Ligue 2, perhaps Papiss could be spotted at the Casino Meri Les Bains near Amiens, put that kettle on.


The Hollywood owners of AFC Wrexham, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have been awarded the freedom of the city, toilet rolls in hand. Oh for that freedom where you can pasture sheep on common ground within the town’s boundaries, the sheep’s droppings to enrich the land, the richness to be bestowed on all that glitters, the Welsh Dragon, AFC Wrexham, ride on.

Donkey Airlines

Nottingham Forest came under sniper fire for opting to take a 39 minute return flight to Lancashire v Blackpool for a FA Cup tie, the flight emitted 5220kg of CO2 for the benefit of the climate activists. The hypocrisy of the club is highlighted with their partnership with EON driven to take action on a cleaner climate, not with forest on board, Donkey Airlines, Champagne Charlies, a 4 to 1 Forest defeat ‘Hee-Haw’.