Beyond the Premiership

Besides the Premiership where there is big money at stake, we have the English pyramid system, encompassing 72 Football League clubs, coupled with many Leagues within non League football, where all clubs aspire to improve on their own ambitions.

The Football Column suggests that it would benefit these clubs to be supporter owned. This would safeguard their futures. In highlight mode formerly known as Chester City, resurrected themselves with the owners being the supporters, a ‘Phoenix from the Ashes’ story. Now known as Chester FC.  In similar fashion AFC Wimbledon has taken the same route gaining promotion to the Football League with similar supporters’ involvement.

We all have a passion for our own clubs where they all play an important part in their respective communities. ‘The football clubs are there to serve their communities’.  Football is a rollercoaster ride for all supporters and through all the highs and lows of our clubs, the game continues to enrich our lives.  Good luck to all the clubs outside the Premiership as they all play an important part in English football and long may it continue.

An example of a previous non-supporter owned club and the problems that can occur, was evident with Notts county, one of the founder members of the Football League. Where the fit and proper persons test panel in selecting the right owners for clubs failed its own test in unbelievable

During County’s change of ownership during this period, the then new owner Peter King, who prevailed as a conman, “No King’s ransom there then!” County subsequently ended up with a 2 million pound debt.

It’s time to name and shame the dubious panel that make these decisions as they are deemed not fit and proper themselves in making these decisions. Portsmouth in recent times have suffered a similar fate an would concur with the decision making, sack the panel.