Brand Bunkum. Football’s World Brand. The Bluffers

Brand Bunkum

David Beckhams quest to maintain in one’s mind a global ambassador in various role plays, to boost the Beck’s bank vaults became derailed with DB posted to the shodden bitten crypto firm DigitalBits, who allegedly have been on a fleece the investors vessel, glossy ads and videos racked up with the DB promotional gospel. No glitter now with this failed attempt, it’s time to debunk the DB brand. Beckham, empowered by the image quote Beckham “I am keen to connect to the fans”. The Manero add on “To make the connection to the money feast, suck on that”.

To suggest no payments for Becks of note, as for negative stories, Becks does not give a sun drenched arse about one’s ambassador role to link to the Qatar World Cup game confirmation, the crypto firm has previous of no payments to Jose Mourinho and Inter Milan. So does Beckham and the DigitalBits honchos use their ‘to fleece the investors vessels’, in cahoots to fund on lavish properties and luxurious holidays, kindred spirits perhaps. Some would suggest that to associate with the DB brand is not a good look, time to ditch the brand, branded out.

Football’s World Brand

The bored boffins have some out of their live in things to give us club’s world rankings marked out of 641 clubs globally. The top ten hits are Manchester City at number 1, followed by Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Arsenal, Newcastle United, Borussia Dortmund, Napoli and Brighton and Hove Albion come in at number 10. Five slots down Aston Villa come in at number 15, with Manchester at 16. The Bees of Brentford buzz in at number 19, with the Premiership’s great escape artists Everton in at 83. China’s Beijing Renhe sits bottom of the pile, who? UEFA analysis provide the stats, boffin aided.

Trophy Haul

England’s leading clubs’ trophy haul and counting, countdown to the Premiership 12th August 2023-24 season, the print out:

  1. Liverpool 45 trophies
  2. Manchester United 48
  3. Arsenal 31
  4. Manchester City 26
  5. Chelsea 25
  6. Aston Villa 20
  7. Tottenham Hotspurs 17
  8. Everton 15
  9. Newcastle 11
  10. Blackburn Rovers 10

(in all competitions)

Champions Manchester City open their account away to Burnley, looking to claim four Premiership titles on the bounce.

The Bluffers

Eni Aluko, England’s former International come pundit who courts a controversial aggressive type box of the unwanted, hit her intended headlines stating that Manchester City’s pursuit of Westham United’s Declan Rice was artificial to dupe the Arsenal and the public, suggesting that Arsenal and City colluded on the offers made to the Hammers. A contradiction to a degree, no mechanisms in football harbour this transfer trait, that’s the Manero watch dog. City were not fully enamoured in their pursuit of Rice, they gave up on the chase early doors, that has to be said. Rice’s preference on an Emirate’s landing at the Arsenal would not have been music to Pep Guardiola’s ears, City tested the Rice waters. No movement agent wise, must have the want to join City, to withdraw on any further intentions, Rice to Arsenal 105 million pounds, deal done over and out Eni Aluko.

The departure of Manchester United’s David de Gea lowered the curtain of the Spaniard’s twelve year United career. De Gea’s been loitering around the exit door, hoping to keep the upgrade on his 375000 pounds weekly wages, with long protracted negotiations. The creed game was in play with United calling De Gea’s bluff on initially agreeing a verbal contract extension, United pulled the plug. Time for De Gea to take his own medicine, ride the Spanish donkey, United no more. Clubs can call a player’s bluff, the new kid on the block, why not. During the January transfer window, Everton bluffed the supporters by bidding 45 million pounds for Chelsea’s Connor Gallagher, looking to curry favour with the supporters. The club knew the bid would fail with Gallagher having no stomach for an Everton relegation scrap, confirmation was given with no signings during this period. Across the park Liverpool released seven academy players, a hefty number, the lower ordered pyramid awaits, the brutal side of football. At Manchester United the walking, limping Phil Jones pay days finally came to an end, contract expired, gross mismanagement on PJ’s two year contract extension, engineered by the club’s previous CEO, the ballsed up Ed Woodward. Players who know their Krypton powers have diminished, to bluff for a new contract, the bluffers.