To Brown Nose. Mendy’s Sin Mansion. Wacky Races. Marsch, Haaland, Kane

To Brown Nose

Labour’s Gordon Brown has been fronting himself to become football’s regulator, if given the get go. Brown has a non-historical value of submitting to a deal with the deadened drug fuelled Gaddafi to release the Lockerbie terrorist come prisoner in return for oil, back handers to suggest run rife, to be trusted?

A self-acclaimed Raith Rovers supporter who during those formative years would sneak into the ground free of charge, are we surprised Cilla, no. the former Prime Minister Liz Truss was endeavouring to debunk the football regulator proposals but the Liz depicted lettuce outlasted her short tenure before she could pull the dirty deed on English football. The white papers continue to be filtered through government, no not the ones in the House of Commons toilets, not to be sniffed at. The papers need to be signed and delivered, come on Rishi Sunak do your job, to begin the start of the revolution to dilute the billionaire club owners, time for a power shift, for the supporters to have a bigger voice and influence, top of the agenda is a fairer and even distribution through the pyramid system of the game’s wealth, could 2023 be the introduction of football’s regulator, the game needs to be managed at a high level, bring it on. On the world level, FIFA and UEFA need independent regulators to strip Infantino and his cronies from continuing to put their ugly stamp on football, will it happen, most probably not, a large flux of the Football Associations are mired in corruption, the lingering of the green fingered brigade, don’t forget the rubber gloves.

Gordon Brown’s claims to be considered have a relevance of to take seriously, speaks of the right vibe to a degree who claims to have an understanding of grass roots football, maybe so, a well rounded knowledgeable operator is the requirement, not someone who perhaps preaches the required words to land the position, vote for Brown? This is a labour political broadcast, tick the box job done?

No Mending of One’s Sins

The never ending Chester Crown Court trialling with multiple rape charges against the accused Manchester City’s Bernard Mendy alongside the fiend or is it friend known as the ‘fixer’ with the first instalment court proceedings coming to one’s verdict, the two being cleared on a batch of charges, the second trial hearing to begin in June with more charges pending.

Nightclubs, alcohol, drugs, money, a self-acclaimed celebrity status in one’s mine, can be the road to ruination, the life of a highly paid footballer. Players of Mendy’s compass who abuse their position need to drop their heads in shame and face the consequences. Mendy’s friend Mr ‘Fixit’ would lure women to Mendy’s Prestbury Cheshire mansion for the two Blue Mooners’ party time. The footballers become the women’s prey to become caught up in the Mendy type prey, the women scarletans of the night.

The jury have picture framed the women as being complicit, but without any signs of physical abuse then the rape charges to suggest will hold no court, Mendy’s sinful intentions would have to be proven that the intent became real. The nitrous oxide (laughing gas) was the party popper, they are not laughing now. The message to the over indulged, money does not make you better, many, can become sinful and morally bankrupt. You can buy the world Mendy, was that the mindset? If of no grounding alongside a no moral compass it becomes a dangerous cocktail.

Mendy would turn up for training frequently late loaded up with alcohol and drugs, where are football’s drug testing units, ask Rio Ferdinand, on he’s done a runner. Questions have to be asked of City’s coaching staff, ear plugins and adopting the imaginary blindfolds, they chose to ignore to assess, it was on the grape vine, where’s Pep Guardiola, stuck in his office? A blind eye was turned, to not s—t on the City doorstep, culpable they are. Mendy would hold Covid parties during lockdown with Guardiola being aware of this, the usual Daffy Duck Pep quote followed “Bernard’s a special guy with an incredible heart”. Guardiola’s lack of intelligence beyond football seems to be of the mosquito squadron. So will Mendy’s bling, bling (jewellery) be heard in a prison cell, or will the party’s laughing gas have the last laugh, pending June 2023.

Wacky Races -> The Picks

At Everton the continued sequence of losing left the club’s owner Farhad Moshiri with no choice, jump in the sack Frank, in support of Lampard, the defence and midfield became more solidified with the signing of Amadou Onana being the pick. The one lone forward minimised the goal threat. The club’s inability to purchase forward players, made the task ‘mission impossible’. The constant recycling of the ball from the midfield areas back to the defence became of freeze frame value.

Onto Manchester City and another valued Guardiola ‘Daffy Duck’ quote was added to the list “I do not care about the Premiership”, followed weeks later, quote “We want to win it, to beat Arsenal”, make your mind up Pep.

In the January sales, Nottingham Forest continued their cash spree with four more players, twenty seven incomers at the last count, previously manager Steve Cooper was facing the sack but the owner Marinakis changed tact and Cooper is now the best since sliced bread, the Marinakis had been accused of blowing up a bakery, be careful what you wish for. Coming up on the rails are the Chelsea, Chelsea, with seventeen incoming players being the number spouted, a bag of sprouts if they don’t perform. Three new players on the starting block at the Olympic Stadium with the Westham manager David Moyes using his get out of jail card with the two to nil victory v Everton, temporary breathing space, take the oxygen. The saintly one’s above were shining bright on Moyes, but not at Southampton where the new manager Nathan Jones was not of the supporters liking wafer thin patience, Jones sacked before going crackpot. The theory going round on the relegation fodder block is that Everton are to a degree of acceptance of Championship football, that is for the fairies to sign to, Martin Keown? No guarantee of a return, Sunderland ran over that black cat in 2017. No need to turn the screw on the relegation threatened clubs, it’s tortuous enough as for the champions in wait, Arsenal, Manchester City? It’s all on a maybe.

Marsch, Haaland, Kane

On the back of the Wacky Races, Leeds United sacked their manager Jesse Marsch on the back of a sequence of losing results. In defence of Marsch, the Leeds performances were vibrant and committed. The failure of the forward players to hit the onion bag id the real narrative, not Jessie’s management style. Striker Patrick Bamford with veiled speak was critical, perhaps if Ramford and his fellow forward players spent more time on the training ground with technique issues to be addressed, then Jessie Marsch would still be in a job.


Sky Sports who court controversy, is that why they employ Jamie Carragher? Carragher revealed his lack of intelligence, a vacancy on one’s mind by stating that Manchester City’s Erling Haaland has joined the wrong club in Manchester City. So how can Haaland score twenty five goals and be in the wrong team? You cannot be serious, woof, woof, woof, it’s time to fly to the stars Jamie, wind assisted, belch. The goals will dry up for Haaland if the Kevin de Bruyne service line falters with the striker not being the type of player who can score goals out of nothing, he needs the service in the right areas, without the supply line Erling can look poor and cumbersome, perhaps Carragher is referring to this, but the goal tally is the indicator of the right club chosen, Manchester City.


Congratulations to Harry Kane breaking the great Jimmy Greaves 266 Tottenham Hotspurs goal scoring record. Another record which will bite the dust with Kane equalling Wayne Rooney’s goal tally of 53 goals for England and set to become England’s record goal scorer. To sit on the mantle piece is the 2018 World Cup Golden Boot with Harry top scoring on six tournament goals, another record in sight is for Harry to bust gut through Rooney’s 208 Premiership goals and to break the Alan Shearer pinnacle of 260 goals, Kane currently stands on 200 Premiership goals. These are the only players to have broken through the 200 goal Premiership barrier. Harry is derided for not winning any trophies, that’s four trophies, accolades right there, Harry Kane the supreme striker, a cut above the rest.