The foreclosure of Bury Football Club due to rogue ownership has left the club virtually on mission impossible to resurrect.

The Football Column has long been advocating a wind of change at the Football League with their ownership vetting procedures, continuous lessons are not being learned.

Likewise at Chester City during the 2010 season, the then owner Stephen Vaughn, systematically bankrupted the club, Chester have the same longevity as Bury, formed in 1885.

Chester resurrected, but not every club has the fabric base supporters to rise from the Phoenix. Astonishingly, the League of Wales club Bangor City suffered a near on similar fate with Vaughn’s son having his hands on the till, akin to the Football League, the FA of Wales are in part culpable for Bangor’s demise. The mandatory relegation followed with a severe points reduction for the new season, shame on the FL and FA of Wales.

Two time FA Cup winners have a rich history you are not forgotten.