A Fair Playing Field? The Penalty Farce. The Duplicity Cup. Picture Perfect. FIFA’s Club World Cup? The World Cup Picks – Flashback

A Fair Playing Field?

On the back of the Qatar World Cup 2022, perhaps the titled book ‘The Complete History of the World Cup’ might whet the appetite. The author Rob Fielding, the great protector of many a sullied World Cup, endeavouring to protect one’s own bookshelf slot, quote Fielding “I think there has been corruption (FIFA) but not corrupt in a money sense, Blatter, Infantino and Havelange had all expenses accounts filed”. The response, Manero, if Fielding wants to add some credibility to one’s book then he needs to check in at the reality zone FIFA’s corruption has been proven, the big shining trophy, the World Cup, harbours in part a legacy of money theft, it suits Fielding to dress it up in all its glorification, this makes the book not squeaky clean.

The World Cup has to insert all boundaries, not just the green blazed action, on the pitch. The 2026 WC on a three road stretch, USA, Canada and Mexico will stretch to a forty eight country format with FIFA to suck more money out of the golden pot. It’s been spoken that an expansion to sixty four countries alongside the crazed loon toon the FIFA president Infantino suggesting a 2030 World Cup in Iran, Holy Moses, “For the good of the game”. A fair playing field?

The Penalty Farce

There’s no stopping FIFA with their concoction of proposals to generate money to increase the FIFA value beyond six billion. Next up is to introduce on the agenda, a change if teams are level after ninety minutes with the winner taking bonus points alongside the WC group stage consisting of three countries in each group. It’s the Wheel Tappers and Shunters World Cup. The farce of the penalty shoots outs, link to article 13th July 2021. The Dutch former Marco Van Baston has spoken of his approval, praise indeed, is the Van on a FIFA retainer, load up that Van, the notes don’t sing orange, smell the Greens.

The Duplicity Cup

Next on the other governing body’s agenda is UEFA’s ideals to change the Super Cup format with the recognised two finalists as before to link with the two loosing Champions League semi-finalists, alongside the same concept in the Europa and Conference Cups. Worked out the conundrum, another drop a UEFA bollock. The UEFA executives sit behind their desks all day dreaming up new concepts to increase their incoming revenue streams. The Super Cup can be known as the Duplicity Cup, lift that trophy?

Picture Perfect

The new on the block, it’s time to start your own Premiership player gallery by buying Crypto graphic non-fungible tokens, NFT’s, digital with a NFT company based in France providing the token sealing the deal with the Premier League to boost the Premiership’s coffers. One’s own photo gallery, images of famous players, photos or a sporting highlight, start with your friends, work colleagues, build up your gallery with the cow’s gift, Erling Haaland or the tattoo up to the hilt Manchester United’s Anthony, where’s you caravan. The list is endless, it’s all on bullshit mound, if confused on the Crypto block, check into the Panini Kaboom cards, all those colourful illustrations of your chosen favourites players, sorted.

FIFA’s Club World Cup?

FIFA’s crack pot president Infantino has informed us of a 2025, 32 club World Cup without consulting the European clubs, does it ever end with the Italian? Therapy needs to be sought, why not, let’s dance to the craze, Infantino’s Loon Tunes. The European clubs are opposed to and can refrain from with FIFA needing the clubs to sign on the dotted line, no contracts have been signed and leaves FIFA in the wilderness on this one, the clubs cannot be held ransom. Theoretically the same could apply to any future World Cups if the European countries boycotted the tournament in a bid to remove Infantino from office, it will always be a marriage made in hell with the Italian who is holding football to ransom, the revolving door has to be reversed. The problem lies in the main with the other countries outside of the Europeans who like their slice of the money cake and will tolerate the Italian’s skulduggery, how people of this ilk arrive into these positions is mind boggling, beyond the pale. Infantino will be voted in again unopposed for another eight years, brown envelopes prevailing, time to join the other two fruit cakes in their Montecito mansion, paper trophies all round.

The World Cup Pics (In Jest)

So what did we learn about the World Cup, Infantino revealed himself as a narcissist on planet Qatar and that a team can run around like headless chickens and can reach the semi-finals of a World Cup, bravo Morocco. The Saudi Arabians had their sunny day defeating Argentina with coach Herve Renard revered as the master technician, what followed was two defeats and Renard did not get a mention, I wonder why? Messi was written off, the clowns of the media world, time to set the challenge, put your heads on the block.

The USA blew and blustered to a quarter-final v Holland but were caught short tactical by the Dutch system, the master Louis Van Gaal nullifying the star spangled banner, Louis’ style of football can bore the pants off, a 4-3-3 system with one defensive midfield player, Van Gaal states that he wants teams to play open attractive football, that’s open to debate, reference to the Louis tenure at Manchester United.

Neighbours Canada, who are classed as North Americans, confused? V Belgium, ripped the Red Devils to shreds with a forty five minute blast, but goal composure was not in the script and the Belgian chocs came back to edge the result one to nil. The Australian press became excited stating that the team has no limits, the limit was set, a last sixteen exit to Argentina no disgrace, Castlemaines all round. Then we have Brazil who can lay claim to being World Cup Champions or perhaps not, the Kings of the disco’s, that’s for sure following on from defeating the Korean Republic (South Korea) four to one with the Brazil players performing those disco routines, many regarded this as disrespectful to the opposition. A proper game for a laugh came later with the Brazilians exiting to Croatia, the Neymar tears, time for the kolo dance (Croatian) why not, we can all have our traditions.

England’s slayers France made it to the Messi Final, oh sorry, the World Cup final with the Argie’s barging their way to a penalty win shoot out with goal keeper Martinez’s antics not becoming of admiring glances. Martinez’s insulting behaviour towards Kylian Mbappe has led to his face being depicted on the Frenchman’s a—e. Mbappe’s claim to world glorification came with a hattrick in the World Cup Final, only the second player in history, line up alongside Sir Geoff Hurst, all the goals crossed the line, does it mean anything, no, they lost.

The crazed celebrations in Buenos Aires hit new rarefied heights on the customary double decker open top bus ride to the masses. A Messi end nearly came into play with the players having to arch under a cable stretching across the road, akin to a belly dancer with the electric type cable fast approaching at head level on impact, Hang ‘em High Clint Eastwood, Make my Day Harry Callaghan, Dirty Harry, joking aside, don’t cry for me Argentina, congratulations, 2022 World Cup Champions, gulp.