Football’s Greed Heist

Jump on board, it’s time to address the top Premier League Clubs, grab the cash summer tours from the Far East to Australia and the United States, sweating like mad dogs in the sweltering midday sun. If Jurgen Klopp was asked about player fatigue, what would be the answer? Would an answer be forthcoming during the winter woollies, December, January matches fest, parity is not offered in both hands, time to clasp one’s mouth Jurgen. Is it a worrying trend with clubs trotting out for cash, what about the supporters? Back home who are denied in huge parts of seeing their team in the flesh, all bones with the greedy ones going all ‘frenzy’, don’t forget the pinned tie. So is it a worrying trend that Italy stages it’s Super Cup in Saudi Arabia with Spain to jump on board in 2029 with the Premier League endeavouring to stranglehold the FA Cup and become the standard bearers to possibly flog the most historical cup competition in world football. Abroad, Swindon Town v Oxford United on a dark sultry night in the Kingdom of the Holy ones, an FA Cup match to be played there, the future beckons? Is it possible, not for Swindon and the Oxfords of the footballing world, but to the big circus top pf English Football, is anything possible, do they have boundaries. Add the concept of Premier League matches to be played abroad. The generational England supporters will be quietly angry at the current unsavoury movements trending within the game, but they will be ready, the Super League concept united all supporters, all clubs alike, link to article dated April 28th 2021 titled “To the Glazers, JT Hemry, Stan Roenke and Joe Lewis”.

English football must not sell its soul to the world greed, which is manifesting itself into the wolfman, no not Frank Ribery, the supporters are the fabric, the marker to hold the faith, not to be railroaded, if clubs have the thought process of moving in part the English game to worldly pastures, then think again, the supporters will put paid to that. The need to err on the side of caution with many selling their soul. Christiano Ronaldo being the standard bearer for Saudi Arabia, can players and managers be blamed for saying yes to the cash, in part no, but it is they who have to live with their decisions during fatner time, the Kingdom’s human rights issues are alive and kicking, follow the rolling ball? The mirror will always answer back.

To drop zone further into the Saudi sports unit racing machine, watch the Formula 1 wheels spin, the mid-air flight of the golf ball or to become punch drunk, in the sweltering heat, as boxing promoter Frank Warren would say “It’s a game changer”. Open those pockets wide and deep Frank, it’s a cash changer. Next on the Saudi hotlist is the world of tennis, with Nick Kyrgios keen to jump on board, always has been a classless kangaroo.

To the red gospel Steven Gerrard as manager of the Saudis Al Etihad FC quote “It feels like a family”, but to the subservients of the society to hear that quote would be sickening, reach for the sick bowl. Fellow partner in the red stained shirt, Liverpool’s former captain Jamie Henderson, has relinquished it all, the captaincy, an England Euro 2024 berth and reneged on continued support for the LGBT community, but the mirror does not lie, soul abstraction, the cosy comforts with Stevie G, no G straps not allowed, it feels like family, where’s the bowl, squelch.

The former Rangers FC, Nottingham Forest and Queens Park Rangers manager plus an array of other clubs, Mark Warburton stated that he had received an offer from the Saudi Leagues but the money was not enough, only the clowns would believe that on both counts. Into the fray comes Sam Allardyce with the big smirk. The teeth gnashers, quote Same if offered the Saudi dough “I would only go for the money”. Leeds United on that watch, eat the greens Sam, if the dough don’t choke the bread will. Sam’s assistant at the Leeds money heist was the former MK Don’s manager Carl Robinson who likes to spout from his pre-ordinated vaulted position, the philosopher, the logician is Robinson’s thought process on management and coaching, the self-appointed one, close the door on the way out, don’t forget the soap box.

TalkSport’s Simon Jordan interview with Sam Allardyce revolved around the name of ‘Big Sam’, bloody hell is this it, the interview went on for a good twenty minutes on this theme with the rest being swallowed up with Sam being termed as a dinosaur. So it’s Big Sam the dinosaur then? Growl. Allardyce made it clear that with technically gifted players he would play with open expansive football as opposed to this long ball merchant haul football, fair game, what’s the beef? The stench of hypocrisy is housed within football’s greed heist.