A Klopp Out? The Curtain Call The Cabbaged Evertonians

A Klopp Out?

To higher further as written “Pressure is a privilege”, Jurgen Klopp. There can on occasions be a two sided face off, the ugly side of one’s skin can prevail following on from Jurgen’s rant, akin to a mad man who has lost the keys to sanity on the touchlines, directed at a match official the linesman during the Liverpool v Manchester City encounter during October.

Klopp received a £30,000 fine administered by the Football Association, but no touchline ban as further punishment. The up with the fairies Martin Keown stated that Klopp apologised post match and that makes it stand for a no sending to the stands for a one to three match touchline ban, so that five letter word ‘sorry’ is the problem solver then Martin, poppycocks. The Keown continued with the Martin need for the fourth official to become more involved, but they are alongside the managers Martin being on the fag end of the punches, industrial language.

Directed their way from show time, the managers being Punch, The Punch and Judy Show, that’s the way to do it. Quote Keown “The fourth officials are not part of the field of play”. To suggest, have no ultimate powers to control the manager’s screws going loose, the same can be said for the linesmen who track down the tram lines, puff puff, outside of the touchline markings, termed as being on the field of play, make sense? So where does that leave the fourth official? Can we transcend the stupidity further, so does the £30,000 fine make the Jurgen pocket bleed those green notes, to say this is earned as part of Jurgen’s salary while sitting behind the car steering wheel en route for the big match or rant depending on the climate, will the club pay the fine, most probably, that will never be revealed.

The Manero check point, a red card issued to a manager should lead to a three match touchline ban and to sin on three occasions during a season, reference the red card, should then kick start a three month ban to follow and a cushty seat in the stands for a bird’s eye view, watch the droppings splat, will the managers offend again? The bird droppings will put paid to that, a resounding no, as for up with the fairies Martin Keown, still stuck on fairy hill.

On Fairy Hill

I am just a day dreamer, I am walking in the rain, chasing every rainbow in my world of make believe with the sun in my eyes, I am just a day dreamer.

The Premiership Picks

The curtain call has fallen, interval required for the World Cup, gold plated now in motion, ice creams all round at the season’s pit stop. A mish mash of nonsense in part was being banded within the Premiership with all and sundry calling for managers heads, the Manero take, the picks.

We are Leeds is the vibe but that fell flat, as wet as a Yorkshire moggy cat with a series of disappointing results, but the performances were not too amiss, missed chances and caught out by the oppositions counter attacks. Calls were being rung out in some quarters for the manager Jessie March’s dismissal, the need to look at the bigger picture, change for the sake of change never works the oracle, the results will come if the team is putting in a high ratioed performance, duly obliged, a 3 to 1 at Anfield v Liverpool dulled the senses of the critics.

At Everton a similar scenario panned out, but the terrace brigade stopped short of calling out the manager Frank Lampard, not until the Bournemouth debacle, to be highlighted. Everton hit a bad cabbage patch of three defeats on the bounce and recovered to slam Crystal Palace three to nil. The results v the clubs at Everton’s pre-conceived level are positive, a bag full of toffees all round.

The Ronaldo road at Manchester united continued to play the Ron, scores the goals, the stats don’t lie, can we now return to ‘viva Ronaldo’, not now, Piers Morgan? Across the divide, the cows gift to man, the Erling Haaland continues to chew into the record books, the cows liver and heart diet to plunder the goals at an alarming rate, forget the cow’s uppers, restricts the movement. Not on the Antonio conte menu, mama mia.

Antonio is being touted for the Juventus manager’s position, some of the natives are getting restless, but Spurs are lying third in the Premiership, make sense? For the supporters to expect good performances alongside the three points is not always possible during the arduous season, there is a window for teams having to dig in, to suffocate the points from the opposition. Conte has not won ten trophies as a manger on dodgy tactics, can the knowledge bear fruit come with the critics, perhaps the old lady calling, Juventus would suit Antonio if he continues to be criticised. By a section of the pin pop heads, sectioned.

A short fly over to the Emirates at the Arsenal with Mikel Arteta continuing to defy the sceptics, Manero included. The Arsenal have surprised the Premiership’s landscape with their sultry play, the season’s end will be the marker, for real or not, will those winning results continue? Fit for a king, why not and onto the Old King’s Road en route to the Chelsea and a new plotter at the helm, the Graham Potter who has a masters in leadership and emotional intelligence, grab hold of those emotions and keep them in check, Potter has guided Chelsea to a mark B+ start. Graham’s return to the Brighton Rock at the American Express Community Stadium came with the terraced flock of Seagulls rocking to the rafters with a series of boos ringing out directed at their former manager, how ungrateful they have become on the back of Potter’s outstanding work at the club. To deflate one’s day further Chelsea were put the sword losing four to one, maybe that will settle the seagulls down, no more crowing. Into the Midlands and Nottingham Forest’s pre-season splurge of the unwanted on the incoming door revolved to a reported twenty three player intake, hold one’s breathe, beat that craze. Rumour has it that Roger Daltrey of The Who has been commissioned for the Forest sing song “Who are you, who who who who”. The club doesn’t enamour the singular knowing as the Forest, but there are more pressing needs, the player intake, too many heads in that forest.

Time to hit the forty three miles speedometer for the arrival of the new Aston Villa manager Unai Emery, the four time holder of the Europa League Trophy, Unai’s wish is to win a trophy, the Europa League? Unai’s friend or foe, the Southampton manger, Ralf Hasenhüttl, has been suffering from the hounding out effect, sectioned supporters seeking out the dismissal of their manager, Ralf has solidified the Saints Premiership life, it’s not a given what do the supporters want, egg on their custard, it don’t mix, Ralf has been sacked. Unai endured the same effect at Arsenal, link to article Hounded Out 11.01.2020. The managers can jet off for those welcome sun rays, as for the players exhausting work World Cup participation for the chosen and a return to the Premiership, football’s coming home.

Cabbaged Evertonians

The cabbage brigade of the Evertonians who prefer the small headed cinemas to the bigger picture decided to spring their chicken heads to railroad Frank Lampard for fielding a second string, but seasoned professionals side v Bournemouth in the Carabao Cup defeat four to one, so should Frank be the sacrificial lamb.

In defence of frank, the team has been playing well, it is clear what the manager is trying to achieve, ball retention, keeping the spine solid and progressive link play going forward, but the lone striker is not facilitated. Of the opinion that Anthony Gordon is not of the level being reported, the need to sell, to bring in a conformed striker, come goal scorer alongside a change of tactic to a 4-4-2 system. Of the understanding that Frank knows this but needs the transfer funds to implement, the cabbage heads need to show patience, enjoy your cabbages. Perhaps the cabbages are right, following on from another Bournemouth defeat three to nil, Manero puts one’s head on the cabbage block, to concur with Brendon Rodgers at Leicester, give Frank the time.