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Manero v Dean v VAR

Now to be commonly anticipated it has been revealed that the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) system cameras cannot see players on their screens on occasions with offsides and other contentious decisions. A breakdown in the system, surprise surprise. So does the naked eye need to be re-employed on a temporary basis, is that a problem? It’s the never ending debate, the naked eye v VAR. Bin the VAR? Pick up truck on the way.

To question the VAR further, a still photo shot of an incident involving Manchester United v Liverpool during August 2022, Mike Dean the former referee now employed as a VAR man in black, overviews all decisions connected to the technology for this match. Manero questions Dean, to follow, Dean determined that the Rashford goal to follow was onside.

To reiterate and to develop further, it was interesting to envelop Mike Dean’s assessment of a Marcus Rashford goal as he broke the Liverpool back line to score. According to Dean, once Rashford’s teammate makes the pass then the VAR lines are laid. The Manero add-on, once the pass is made determines whether the player is onside or offside on delivery of the pass, Rashford is clearly offside ahead of the defender so the timing of the pass does not matter, the line depicts Rashford’s forward movement. This is what the naked eye shows, Dean refers to this as the kick point, a fancy Dan then, translates into mumbo jumbo, VAR rhetoric quote “First a one pixel to the last defender, then another one pixel line to the attacker”. Follow that gist? In laymen’s terms the pixel is an illumination on a screen display, forms an image, into question, a false image? Technology can does go missing in action. The system is locked into the pixel rhyme and rhythm, the decision is then made, high tech stuff if you’re a believer, all factual says Dean.

Let’s cut to the chase, Manero, the VAR system is not a smoothly running operation which brings the word factual into the debate, to move the image to suggest at different angles still keeps Rashford offside, but VAR disputes the logic, no surprise there then. More technology is to be added for the Qatar World Cup powered by artificial intelligence, perhaps Star Wars’ R2D2 to provide 3D images to circulate the player’s positions on the pitch, fly on that wing and a prayer.

Mike Dean, now a VAR operative, prefers to sit in a glass caged portacabin making dodgy decisions as opposed to spending one’s Saturday afternoons at Prenton Park, the home of Tranmere Rovers. Dean’s team in a glass sponsored s—thouse, pull the chain on that, Dean and the VAR system, all flushed out.

Take two and another mind mushing contentious decision and into highlight mode on the Manero road into the Brighton and Hove Albion match v Tottenham Hotspurs matchday.

As highlighted, Harry Kane is clearly in an offside position. No linesman’s flag was raised, the Tottenham player looks to play the cross, the ball deflects off the Brighton defender into the path of Kane who dispatches, goal.


Harry Kane was clearly in an offside position, but no flag, so did the linesman have carrots up his jacksey and not for one’s eyesight. Did the linesman deem Kane as not interfering with play and the deflection to follow would have played Harry onside. Kane was initially offside in the build up play, hence the goal. To the linesman come officials, it’s bullshit mound, stick your flag in that.