The Money Beast Gerrard Unmasked Pressure is a Privilege

The Money Beast

The burnt out concept of FIFA’s proposals for a World Cup every two years reared its ugly head, fronted by Dinosaurous Rex Arsene Wenger, which revolves around in part with Wenger’s concerns on player’s welfare, and injured players missing out on a World Cup participation. They may never get another chance is the Wenger rhetoric, unless there is a biennial World Cup giving the players a regular chance to be selected. That’s the Wenger logic, utter nonsense of course. FIFA for their part are looking to implement more countries contesting the World Cup, which to suggest would equate to more qualifying matches alongside more friendly matches, players welfare? Country’s preparation increases due to the increase in numbers alongside the congested strange concept of the Nations League. To dress it up on concerns over players’ welfare is a smokescreen, more matches leads to a higher ratio of injured players, alongside a bigger incoming revenue for FIFA. If Wenger wants to bury his head in the sand while lining his pockets then shame on him, this is the nature of the FIFA beast, green fingered thieves.

It is interesting to see the latest bid entering FIFA’s World Cup corruption pot to host the 2030 World Cup, with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Greece being the three tiered in cahoots bid. For the supporters a one hour monkey’s leap between Egypt and Saudi via the skies, with an eight to eleven hour jaunt between Greece and their friends in foe, or vice versa depending on which part of the country’s landscape your national team is playing, no second glances at the supporters needs and related costs. The question is will the bid succeed, with the monies overflowing the coffers of the Saudis, any bets to be placed, I bet.

Moving onto another corrupt entity, Barcelona with a core of the club’s supporters not willing to accept the club’s demise financially and on the playing front in the Champions League. They are in pursuit of the ridiculous notion that Lionel Messi’s transfer to Paris Saint-Germain created unfair competition in the French League. They are flying under the banner of, quote “European laws are being broken on state aid”. Hypocrisy to extreme levels with the Barca being the biggest heist merchants on receiving state aid, a secret, no, very transparent, alongside the rogued Real Madrid. An appeal has been made to the European Court of Justice, what is their end game, do they know? Balloon heads looking to be heard, stick the pin in, pop. Do they come from a sectioned state, adios.

Gerrard Unmasked

Juergen Klopp warming the seat for Steven Gerrard, whoever wrote that storyline, all squashed now following on from Stevie G’s dismissal as the Aston Villa manager during October. The Villa run down on the doomed tenure, a team that was stilted, no imagination, negativity the fear factor. On departure Gerrard alluded to the club being obsessed with stats suggesting it was part of the problems. Nonsense of course, it is for any manager to accept of refuse statistics information to an agreed level, to concur, it would not have been a forced club philosophy. To be questioned, suspect transfer signings, poor management of a band of Villa players, to highlight, the Mings saga (link to article All Minged Out 01.04.22) tactics and systems failed alongside the backroom staff picks of Gary McAllister, Neil Critchley, goalkeeping coach Neil Cutler who could not hack it at Chester City during one’s player career. Benefit of doubt to be afforded on the coaching theme, possibly, alongside an array of assistants with a set piece termed expert being employed. Is there any variation or imagination on free kicks around the opposition’s penalty area, no and that accounts for many teams not just the Villa, failure on recognition. Jobs for Stevie G’s mates is not the way forward, the Premiership is brutal, no time for soft hearts, failure to be expected, pull on those g strings, kaput, lessons to be learned, maybe, one’s next appointment will reveal all, former great players do not always equate to being good managers, Gerrard can return to management, for now it’s time to walk alone.

Pressure is a Privilege

Steve Gerrard ambitions to replace Jurgen Klopp are now of a futuristic dream. So what drives Klopp to be one of the masters of his art, football management alongside a coaching philosophy to deliver outstanding success, that’s the narrative with Jurgen opening up on his inner being to a degree.

Passion driven, pressure’s a privilege. Liverpool are struggling to find form early doors, early season, it happens, patience is required, the critics have been out in force, let them blart, that’s the challenge, enjoy it, sniper back. During those difficult moments quote Klopp “You need a crutch to fall back on, that’s good, we all need a lift”. The Jurgen mindset, it can become one’s driving force, to believe, to instil, to gauge, alongside fairness, respect and gratitude, proper values, proper ideals. This has been driven into his players, principles, these are the Jurgen values, born into the DNA without these, there is zero chance of success. There has to be a want to be strong and to show compassion to the players when needed, that’s management. No airbrushing, not required.

The ugly side of football can run in tandem, always lurking to mock the opposition if to feel the need, mind games, it’s part of the football terrain, does it pay to be a saintly one, it’s a results business, on a regular basis, no there are boundaries.

In Comment, Manero

“The art to the deal is to remain unbiased, that’s a key component, opinions run rife, praise and criticism, to strive, to offer a fair but justified level, for all the Manero Klopp segments, to lord or to no softball, make no mistake Jurgen Klopp is a respected figure and has been captain fantastic for English Football Prost Jurgen”