Neville, Salford City, Fofana, La Liga, Qatar Giggsy’s Coming to Town The Man from Milk Tray

Neville, Salford, Fofana, La Liga, Qatar

Time to ring that bell on Gary Neville, seconds out, a hypocrite, can that be said, to grab hold of one’s self delusional hype, a capitalist. To criticise the Glaziers for imposing huge debt on Manchester United, but runs up debts, loans himself, Neville states that debt is good, confusion runs amok. The Glaziers have sucked millions of pounds out of the club, leaches. Do they stick to Gary, a club that is run shoddily to a degree, but can find relative success on the pitch, in the Glaziers’ defence, a sizable transfer kitty has been operative.

Down at Salford City FC on a sliding scale, the club has trodden a similar path, management wise, incurring a 19 million pounds debt, Neville pat owner, no surprise there then, hang your hat on that. Gary Neville who sets out a business play for the Glaziers but does not subscribe himself to club management financial control. To further implode oneself, Neville states that Manchester United is run like no other European club, Salford City perhaps, united we are, but questionable. To connect United is Barcelona and Real Madrid, the stench, the Spanish crust who rack up long players contracts alongside outrageous wages to create a window for the non moral type fibre players to sit on their backsides and take the Euros, the off loading of the dead wood is not worm free, infested, watch the sharks, Gareth Bale? To suck every last Euro out of the club, no bluff, fact.

The new Yankee Doodle Dandy on the Premiership block, the new Chelsea owner Todd Boehly who went stir crazy, sign on the dotted line, a reported seven year contract signing, scratch that itch Wesley Fofana who gave his previous club Leicester City the run around, link to article?? beach time abounds, Wesley supping coffee, cocktails to follow for the next seven years feigning injury, why not, to be trusted, over to you Gareth Bale who spent three years on the golf course, that’s the Welshman’s beach time, stuck in a bunker oh sandy, gone missing in action, over to you the Galactious and Leicester City.

Time for a return to Salford City and a further exposure of Gary Neville’s nonsense, the League 2 club Salford who have a reputation for paying above the going rate on players wages with their wish list dream to fast track up the pyramid system with minimum management acumen. As mentioned, the debt, the crones, Scholes, Giggs, Beckham, Nicky Butt and Neville, the mug shots to try and offer parity, not from this lot. So who will pay the debt money, a Mr Lim residing in Spain seems to the case, quote Neville “I do not have a problem with owner funding as long as they can afford it”. Gary to nonplus himself further stating that the rules need to be applied, to regulate owner funding, Salford City? Gary’s in a muddled, puddled frenzy. The toe curling Gary who tied himself up in knots as the addon with the Qataris debate as documented.

Across the divide at Manchester City with a Neville attempt to deflect and into the equation spring that latch, enter into the fray with the Blue Mooners owner Sheikh Mansour, who is the deputy prime minister of the
united Arab Emirates, with Neville stating that no flack flies Mansour’s way on human rights issues alongside the Sheikh’s displaying of ignorance. A clever formula, let’s give it a start point is the City owner complicit, some to suggest to endorse, to hell the donkey will ride, friend and foe, Gary Neville with a need to adopt a backbone and substance alongside some truths would offer more plausibility on football’s ills, to consign in part the Neville rhetoric to the garbage bin.

Giggsy’s Coming to Town

Ryan Giggs not in Qatar for the World Cup, but spotted at a rainy Salford FC, a favourite pastime perhaps being a co-owner. Ryan sporting a bushed in part white beard could be auditioning for the part of Father Christmas, to be in full bloom by the 25th December, presents all round, Giggsy’s coming to town. Did Ryan get a Barbie doll for Christmas, oh, that’s his girlfriend.

Cheers All Round

Happy New Year to the CM readers and to David and Claire of Webmedia, Chester for their professional work on the website.

A Floodgate of Applicants

If Gareth Southgate jumps ship, the two main paddlers waiting to come on board will be Mauricio Pochettino and Thomas Tuchel with Eddie Howe, Graham Potter and Frank Lampard paddling away in the distance, you bet, jump on board.

The general gripe that falls on Pochettino’s watch is of an empty trophy cabinet, but Pooch won the Farmer’s League in France, Ligue 1, is that good enough? Any manager or player needs the tools around him to aid the winning of trophies, Kane, Shearer, individually the best, installed in trophy winning sides, no. according to a so called leading media light, quote “It would be cheating to appoint a foreign manager”. The response, Manero, what would be cheating is not to appoint the best out there. Reference to Pochettino who lives in London and to suggest feels very British and has a strong affinity with the country. The Thomas Tuchel gloved into English Football with ease, a likeable character who has that public connection value.

If Pochettino advertised himself as the ‘Man from Milk Tray’ (the Pooch resemblance) to dive off cliffs into shark infested waters and to leap off bridges onto a moving train, to building a World Cup winning team, England? Then why not, chocolate on order, Pochettino?