A Public Relations Disaster. The Public Investment Fund. Chelsea FC. Benny Jets In

A Public Relations Disaster

The sanctimonious Football League head honchos, a far reaching word for far reaching pockets on the back of the Football League’s five year deal with Sky Bet until the season ending 2028-29. Connections with gambling units smoked as a morally bankrupt industry to have no involvement in English football but on it continues, it’s all tartufferies and that’s no cake.

The FA’s claim is to control and invest in communities with the Sky Bet deal, will that be regulated, to be transparent? The billboarded Football League “A memorandum of understanding safer gambling”. All sorted then, bilge on that, to offer parity, but don’t forget to bet on Sky Bet. The FL’s public relations department needs to be fired, load the cartridges. Sky Bet will offer advice on the dangers of gambling, have a bet, that’s the deal, sponsorship, to Sky Bet, the FA’s tricksters.

The Public Investment Fund

From having fun on betting with the Chinese betting company Fun88, but not anymore as the arse has fallen out of all that’s Chinese, with the company’s 6.5 million pounds a year shirt sponsorship deal with Newcastle United being chop suey, cancelled.

The new brothers in arms, welcome on board, but we are anyway. Is the Sela events management company tasking out at a 25 million pounds a year shirt sponsorship with the company owned by the Saudi public investment fund, who in turn own eighty percent of Newcastle United? Can this be termed as a breach of the fair play rules? The PIF deny any overriding involvement with the events company, but to picture frame as a shareholding type portfolio positioning, to play the disclaimer card, forget the PR spin, the oil spin will suffice, round and round on bull shit mound, signposted the kingdom’s vision, billboarded to quote “to enhance the quality of life for citizens and residents”, some to suggest the exclusion rights on the women gender.

The Football Association stained rule book print out. This will not interfere with the Premiership League’s rules, the Prem’s new, fair and market regulation, add the .com. That’s the FA’s spin doctor, tiresome, go and have a check-up. The FA’s independent panel will procrastinate if the sponsorship represents the true market value on the club’s shirt collaboration, to sponsor oneself is a rule bender, conspiring to flex the rules, to suggest the FA will continue to submit to the Saudi’s, money being the shared trait, signed and delivered.

Chelsea FC

Continuing on the crazed road, it can be said that the Saudi Arabia PIF fund are major investors in Chelsea to opt on a disguised route through Chelsea majority shareholder Clearlake Capital, with the club stating that the PIF group had no involvement with the Chelsea takeover, fanciful fairy cakes, not plausible. A bigger stink bomb went off with Chelsea continuing their linkage to offload players to four PIF owned clubs in Saudi Arabia to navigate around the financial fair play rules, to free players, to reinvest.

The UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has criticised players moving to the Saudi leagues. The SA have a reported 650 billion pound war chest, it’s not going to stop anytime soon, the oil is not due to run out. Ceferin’s take is that the SA leagues are a threat to European football, that is not the case, globally the SA leagues don’t mean anything, of no relevance, never will be. The fan support is there, to stay tuned to the structured ordered regime, orchestrated crowd scenes, plastic passion, no historical value breeds the above. If players like the morally corrupted money glorification ticket to a low brand of football then so be it, the Premier League dominates world football and will continue to do so.

Benny Jets In

One player who has embarked to the Saudi Arabia money bounty express is Real Madrid’s former Karim Benzema, on a reported 258 million pound three year contract on the dotted line for Saudi pro club Al-Ittihad, nicknamed ‘Titty Titty’ but not in them regions. Benzema claims not to be the for the money bounty but is inspired by his Muslim religion on a spirited mission in the Holy Kingdom, quote “I am a Muslim and I have always wanted to live here”, nail that jelly to the wall. Benzema carries the carthorse look about him in movement and would score a profusion of goals to placate, to harness a stella career, pin that medal, the man with the electric boots. Do donkeys fly, Hee Haw.