The Red Mist Descends

The question has to be asked, does Jose Mourihno deserve the criticism, in part, yes, fault can be laid at Jose’s door. Failure to re-build a faltering defence, followed by poor signings made in this area, players not up to the plate.

Failure to accommodate the talented Rashford on a regular basis, alongside a midfield which does not function to the required standard, but, clearly the chauffeur driven Bentley of Paul Pogba to Old Trafford on match day v Tottenham clearly does. How can a player be taken seriously with this bizarre type of transport on match day?

Part of the Pogba problems are the trappings of wealth which over shadow his application. Pogba has been a disappointment, Mourinho has been let down. So the critics like to round on Mourinho, memories are short, the special 1 has been a giant for English football and if we lost him, we would miss him.

Two trophies sit in the United trophy cabinet, courtesy of Jose, those are the facts.