The Return of the Special 1, A Tribute in Part, Jose Mourinho

The return to the Premiership arrived with Jose Mourinho taking over the reins at Tottenham Hotspur, following Mauricio Pochettino’s sacking.

For Mourinho to succeed at Tottenham, a changing of one’s management of players is imperative for the Portuguese to taste silverware again and place himself back in the upper echelons, at the highest of summits, the Premiership, and to add to Jose’s 25 trophy cabinet haul.

Mourinho has always had a combative, confrontational, management style, and transmitted this with anger towards the Manchester United players of the previous, and those above. In today’s modern game this style has no place in football, due to the fact that today’s Premiership players are becoming rapid millionaires over night, Jose was on a slippery slide and allowed his own hype to enshrine himself, resulting in Mourinho losing his identity with his players, constant success can also breed contempt for those around you, Mourinho has to manage this in the proper manner, Jose has to change the emotion. The Manchester United debacle smacked of Mourinho’s 20 year management cycle, Jose needed to remove himself from the management merry go round, the burnt out fuels were smouldering all around him, Jose needed the rest, Jose’s forced eleven month sabbatical would have given Mourinho the time to recharge the batteries and search for reinvention.

The changing of one’s approach with the press, pundits come critics needs to be diluted and digest the troublesome bait which they will offer in their pursuit of a headline grabbing story and restrain from not firing any salvos in return, a smile will suffice.

Mourinho has entered Tottenham intending to adjust a softer approach, to concur with Jose’s press conferences, with the shining of one’s light, time will reveal all.

Jose is a studious intelligent man who studied the game with huge passion, before his arrival at Barcelona, Jose was born a coach, born to be with this gift, Mourinho is a born winner, we can thank the late Bobby Robson for giving Jose the opportunity to showcase his remarkable coaching abilities, he knows during his work, Jose’s coaching on training days, that he is one of the world’s best. Football is food and drink to Jose, without the passion, Jose is a lost soul, now he has re-found that true football soul, Mourinho needs to succeed to continue his remarkable football journey, the Special 1 is back in his natural habitat.

Jose Mourinho is a giant in world football, he will be written in the history annals as one of the world’s greatest ever managers, football needs characters, strong personalities, the Premiership and the world of football has been awaiting the return of the Special 1, Jose Mourinho.