The Ronaldo Factor Handcuffed The Klopp Syndrome Radio Coatsport It’s a Mockup

The Ronaldo Factor

The Ronaldo superlatives being offered, the embodyment of excellence who will improve the players around him with the way he conducts himself as a professional footballer with training dedication, attitude and self belief, alongside the food intake regime to improve the body function always striving for that extra edge. Now Ronaldo is all the opposite of the above according to the pundits, quote “Ronaldo does not do the hard yards, to track back”. An English trait to knock the top guy off his throne, Ronaldo is humble, the bric bracs are unfounded with no substance. The response, maybe the Ron does not back track as he should do or perhaps not the case, all invention. The question, can teams afford a luxury player which is the umbrella they are trying to place Ronaldo in. The Ron’s delivery of goals, match winning, face saving goals places Cristiano a cut above the rest and that includes the pundits who sit in the warm studios and the tabloids who like to run their paper sheets with non truths, a cut above the rest, viva Ronaldo.

Handcuffed, Blatter, Platini

The old boy’s network from FIFA, the money hunters, stash the cash, the former president Sepp Blatter and UEFA fellow honcho Michel Platini are facing a stretch indoors, enjoy the grilled view of one’s prison cell, pending. The nefarious two have not escaped the clutches of the FBI, the long list of charges being levied at the corrupters in arms, a mismanagement, misappropriation of FIFA funds. Platini for his part, a forgery accomplice. 1.4 million pounds were deposited in Platini’s account by Blatter in return for the European block of countries to vote for Blatter’s continued role as the FIFA president. Platini was to swing the lead on election votes for Blatter, the heavenly sent charges, the cell blocks are waiting.

The Jurgen Klopp Syndrome

It was interesting to see the Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp fielding a second string team v Preston North End in the Fourth round of the Carabao Cup, timed to utilize one’s squad. The Deepdale public turned up in their droves, all charged up to see the Liverpool star turns, a full house, they were disappointed, Klopp put paid to that, Preston NE v Liverpool reserves, cheating the public, cheating the Carabao Cup, perhaps Liverpool could withdraw from the competition and do us a favour, to be taken seriously?

If Liverpool were offered a League or FA Cup match up two days after a European adventure as opposed to a Premier League match, they would take the hand that feeds them, in part, the BT and Sky Sports of Football’s food chain. That’s the ballpark point of everything Jurgen, time to relate, time to make it a double header. Utilize one’s square in the Premiership Jurgen. Don’t want to be classed as a hypocrite? A Klopp interview with reference, would go something like this “Jurgen, any complaints about the tight fixture schedule following on from European football to domestic cup matches?” Jurgen -> “None at all, I don’t give a s—t about the cups, I like to play the reserves, I always do.” The Premiership big guns fielded strong sides in the fourth round, the Klopp response then became changeable, quote “I don’t know how long I can keep getting away with this”. A reference to steal out the required results? Possibly, or a cause for concern on being sanctioned? Possibly, or afraid of being alone with fielding reserve sides, afraid of being left out in the wilderness, roam free, roam alone, you will never walk alone?

Radio Coatsport

Has Radio Talksport turned into Radio Coatsport with the pundits sitting behind the big black one, the microphone, all wrapped up in winter woollies, any leaks wear the wellingtons, with baseball hats as added value, must be b—dy cold on London Bridge, all housed, Radio Coatsport. Not to escape the Manero horoscope, the Jamie O’Hara, who? Jamie sledges at breathtaking speed, nothing constructive, Santa’s in town, take a ride. To cut to the chase further is the Brummie overtones of Gabby Agbonlahor, the corked nose without the Champagne drips, legible, to decipher, coded? To give the studios a more calmer, softer approach, we have the Tony Cascarino wrapped up in a red coat type quilt, more appropriate in green, Republic of Ireland Tony? More to follow on Radio Allsorts.

It’s a Mockup

To highlight the studios, pundits on the internet, YouTube, form the soulless Michael Owen and Paul Scholes to the mellow, mellow, watch the hair transplant Don Hutchinson, the smiling Dion Dublin to light up the dreary lighting, coupled with the growling Ian Wright, woof, woof, and many more.

The mocked up cardboard cut-out sets housed in warehouses perhaps, the cardboard supplied by Kellogg’s, crunch, crunch, gives a drab soulless atmosphere, do they have any viewers, is anyone listening, hit the off button, after five minutes it gets drab, always give them a chance, but always disappointed, worth a mention? The strangled pundit Paul Scholes, if not busy sucking his daughter’s toes (posted on Instagram) can be seen within a nail sharpener length of a lap dancer, perhaps wants his own toes sucked, Scholes who would give the opposition the creeps. Is the studios have a closing down sale, the sofa settings would be suitable for one’s self, cosy snooze, lights out, the mocked up studios.