Ronaldo Purification? Whiter than White? The Iceman Cometh. Cherry Picked. Brand Money. 10 and Out

A Home Fit for a King?

On Ronaldo’s arrival in one’s kingdom of the Saudis, a gold plated glorification was bestowed on one’s greatness, time for some therapy, housed in crackpot city, time for a soulless existence? Will the Ron see out his contract? There’s only so much falseness and surrealism one can take, as it seems the Ron thinks it’s all genuine.

Morally speaking Ronaldo has headed to the dark hole of the pit, to be beheaded, no, but to make sure one’s heading ability remains intact. Ronaldo will live in a palace type fit for a king to be overseen by the crown price, watch the drainage pipes, any hidden cameras? To be housed in a Western style home and a visit to the theme park ‘Winter Wonderland’, freedom city.

The Soulless Brand

Daylight deals a bad hand
to a woman, the opposites
say their prayers, but they
don’t care, to feel enriched
with the falsehood, a midnight
falls, it’s another wasted day
for those around.

Purification for the king, viva Ronaldo?

Whiter than White?

Football’s first white card has been issued to the referees with the pioneering idealistic mumbo jumbo, the starting point in the Portugal Leagues. The white card is to symbolize and encourage fair play to create positive action on recognition, perhaps the affected could congratulate and shake their hands to the recipients of the white, milk shakes all round, vanilla of course. Let the opposition run free on goal, play the fairy godmother, whiter than whiter, football’s farce.

Michel Platini called for the white card to be introduced into football of earlier times but for the card to be issued for dissent and to enter a sin bin for one’s sins. Stay in your own sin bin Platini, lockdown your fraudulent monies, now that is dissent.

The Iceman Cometh

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has been having a blitz of a time, goals galore alongside added power play, Ben Johnson? The key component, the concept, nitrogen pumped into a boxed type cabin, time to enter to aid those tendons, ligaments and general muscle recovery to keep the cretins out, the toxins ranged at 140c, put that on your ringer, at -113 Celsius, safe? Long term health issues?

Nitrogen of a scientific value utilized to make fertilizer and explosives, the connection, explosive play with high octane goals, nitrogen the atomic number 7, Putin in your marker. A similar concept evolved with the world’s best, the Novak Djokovic of the tennis world, who would lockdown inside a oxygen chamber at the Grand Slam Tournaments, all housed in a huge lorry parked near the stadia, a performance enhancing process has to be the marker, the drugs not sufficient, we can put that question mark out there, many suspect behavioural patterns hit that marker zone. The tennis authorities will not s__t on their own doorstep with the world’s number 1, that’s the deal. The Marcus nitrogen imploded stats has a speed notch of 22. Spread that fertilizer on the blades of grass for the running machine. In comparison the cow’s gift, Manchester City’s Erling Haaland hits the accelerator faster at a rate of 22-7 , who said cows are laboured? But the Iceman will cometh, Marcus Rashford.

Cherry Picked

Jose Mourinho recently hit the 60 mark, birthday wishes were not the order, of were one sniper with an agenda, the viper Oliver Holt of the Daily Mail twisting the knife in Jose’s cake with Holt’s ceaseless hostile attacks against the Portuguese, a previous snub does not give the right, impartiality is the key word, not personal gripes. The main cherry pick is the claim that Mourinho is yesterday’s man, so is Jose passed his prune sell by date? That did not seem the case last season with the Conference Cup being placed in as Roma’s trophy cabinet. For all the negative comments on the Conference Cup, there were plenty of clubs keen to lift the trophy, Mourinho did, put that on your cake. Jose’s desired wish to return to the Premiership is fraught with limited possibilities but the special one does win trophies, that’s the conundrum, to employ or not, as for Yaya Toure’s cake, that’s another conundrum, cherry picked.

Brand Money

The ongoing playground speak from the Nottingham Forest striker Brennan Johnson, who has revealed that David Beckham has been texting him offering encouragement, so why Johnson? Has to be something in it for Beckham, time to activate one’s files, link to article ‘Brand Beckham, Dec 2019’.

The DB footwork elite agency, the plan to recruit Johnson to the agency, possibly on the agents books already, secretly on that one. The Beckham wish is for Forest to sell the potentially gifted Johnson for a sizable fee and for DB to bank roll the agent’s fee, in disguise the chameleon Beckham, the agent for a sizable fee, self-serving, no fools here, to cream the money cake. The same thought process came with Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood being added to the DB books, but that projected pay day hit the arse end with Greenwood’s rape denial, shit sticks David.

10 and Out

The Hull City manager Liam Rosenior has hit the racism button, claiming that his father the former Westham player Leroy Rosenior was not given a chance in management at the end of Leroy’s playing career because of his skin colour, that lame duck theory, quack quack. For the record, Leroy’s management record spanned 10 years with four clubs, Torquay United being Leroy’s longest tenure at six years. A short spell was cast as the national manager of Serra Leone, perhaps the for the record is what Liam is referring to, silence, the need to go knocking on one’s own doorstep. Leroy did a long spell of constantly berating the former Chelsea player Fernando Torres at a constant rate knot of 24/7 while working as a pundit on a Premier League show, Leroy did not give Torre a chance. One record which Leroy holds is having the shortest managerial reign in the history of English football during his second stint as the Torquay United manager in 2007 which lasted 10 minutes. Rosenior was appointed by the club’s chairman who previously had sold a 51 percent ownership to a consortium, they quickly fired Rosenior at the countdown of 10 and out. The second record holder is Dave Bassat who lasted 3 days at Crystal Palace in 1984 with Billy McKinlay in third position with 8 days at Watford in 2014, Liquorice Allsorts, stick that in your lead balloon, tedious issues.