Society v Sport Egg Shells Beam Me Up Ice Cold Alex

Society v Sport

Changing values and concepts and into highlight mode, flashback to the Graham Souness comment following on from the Conte, Tuchel bust up, “It’s a man’s game”. The women’s sporting fraternity became aghast at the comment, to suggest that the comment from Souness was an opinion, no, but to speak out loud with Souness coming from a footballing era where to challenge with meaty reactions initiated the comment, nothing more, misunderstood or not should it matter? Does it matter? Who has the hang ups, who likes to stand on a pre-conceived moral ground, is there a moral ground, let’s not dress it up, society has changed, to suggest it has impacted on the sporting vibe, decades and decades this has always been an underlying vibe looking to come to the forefront.

Is it good for the football column to diversify, why not, the column will speak with an open mind, sensitive issues, to not shy away, respect has to be afforded, Souness has earned that right and an unfair lambasting is a society problem, to hit the suggest, you will not read this type in your media outlets, to transgress into uncharted choppy waters, no need to raise the white flag, that’s for sure. Onto another sporting field, the sport of tennis, the game changer Billie Jean King don’t question that, we can say game changer, not to be questioned, is that right, we don’t want to enter the ridiculous. The BJK v the Bobby Briggs termed exhibition match, but it was to be more than that to defeat the male Briggs, BJK duly obliged, that was good, nothing wrong with that, there was no need to get one’s knickers in a twist on that occasion. Off the tennis court, not to confuse R Biggs taking all the loot, debunked to Brazil, that’s the drift, the train, tennis robbery, which ever, how does that work, that was Billie Jean’s fear, the ladies not taking the same loot as the men. The greatest, Billies Jean King v the William’s sisters, once to be termed as brothers, an insult or a compliment, can compete with the men, that’s the end game, is that right, acceptance, signed and sealed, no problem.

Back to the Souness debate, sitting alongside Souness was the confirmed centurion, England’s Karen Carney, that was highlighted to us, the wording, how dare Souness, colleagues of Carney should do their homework, Souness was a hard player, a hard man who would take no prisoners, step aside Roy Keane, that was the reference, no sleight was meant, let’s not be too sensitive, if they want to eat all the cake, then feel free, but it does not work like that. Take the football focus presenter Alex Scott, the previous, the complete host Dan Walker pushed to one side, for what reason, the woke movement, do us a favour. Two regular pundits on the show Dion Dublin and Martin Keown were depicted from the year 1992, the inception of the Premiership as we know it today. Young men then wearing the now dated kits of Manchester United and Arsenal respectively, alongside their portraits was one of a young Alex Scott from her schooldays alongside a sporting plague, the charity shield? Trying to stay relevant, to stay on a level footing, watch the stilettoes, it’s football boots now, don’t forget, power to one’s elbow, oh sorry that’s tennis, embarrassing? As for the cricket, Subbuteo marked boundaries, that’s a fact, accept.

Onto the same fields of play at the same time, no it’s not a level playing field, never will be, not possible, the suggestion that it is can be a canned clutching of non reality. We can all have a mouthpiece, it’s termed free speech, rule Britannia. It has to be a two way street, not a case of you cannot say this, that and the other, all within reason of course. To discriminate, turn it around visa versa. The writing can be open ended, but are there limits, have we been imposed upon, a deep thinking concept, do we have to accept, to bite the bullet, sit on the fence, no thanks, it’s broken, crashing, it’s all around us, to equate, the debate, society v sport.

Egg Shells

Not interested in sitting behind the bunker, not to be muzzled anymore, the former Liverpool player and pundit Mark Lawrenson came out to attack the BBC on his sacking to accommodate the woke movement, cited Lawro, suggesting that being a white male, racism on that one if you believe, the age factor and other mitigating factors, tread on them egg shells, crunch. An injustice? Does the woke projection want to identify with injustice that’s fair game, but is the badge twinning to a flexibility and diversity, not a block zoned protection, some would say all boring and predictable to a degree? The departure of Lawrenson and the before departed host Dan Walker brings into question.

Beam Me Up

The Football Focus presenter Alex Scott’s book titled ‘How (Not) to be Strong’, ghost written, could be termed as delusional self importance in some quarters. Alex revealed that she had a relationship with the former England player, Kelly Smith, go with the flow 2022, time to beam me up Scottie.

Taking the Peiss

The BBC’s Alex Scott received a dressing down from the corporation for one’s clothed advertising to give one’s sponsor coverage on the Beeb’s World Cup networks. The celebrity network who like to veil the curtain as whiter than white, the creed, the subterfuge, time to give Scott’s sponsor Reiss air time or is Piess?

The sexist BEIN Sport’s presenter Richard Keys decided to re-enter into our annoyance air waves by claiming that the Sky Sport’s pundit, to spit Jamie Carragher two stenches in the same stew is a border line racist for stating that a foreigner should not be appointed as the England manager, but spit the dog is black?