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It’s all an Illusion

If you’re dealing with a sod’s a_ _ _ with the Newcastle owner Mike Ashley on the reins, any manager on the toon will struggle, that’s the project, one long struggle, the trophy grab for the Magpies would be the bird s_ _ _ landing on the cardboard cut-out trophy, survival in the Premiership, the boardroom notes, pennies to spend, cohesion amok. So is Steve Bruce a bad manager? Are the needs of Ashley to just float the ship giving the illusion that Bruce is inadequate, powerless, Newcastle searching for a destiny that doesn’t exist, breaking many hearts along the way “It’s just an illusion, can it be right, it’s just an illusion, illusion.” The player of this opera is Ashley, no see, no do, no go.

Name the options which Steve Bruce has, none, lockdowned into playing a negative system, to grind out the results with no ambition, that’s the job description laid down by Ashley. The supporters venting their life’s aggressions at Bruce becomes football no more, an over stepping of the line, it becomes a witch hunt. Newcastle United retaining their Premier status is all that’s on offer, check into the reality. Until Ashley’s departure, any manager of the toon will suffer the verbal diarrhoea, inflammable, rebel-rousing, the exception being Rafa Benitez who challenged and questioned Ashley’s motives and was publicly supported. Rafa played the same football tactic as Steve Bruce, that’s no fantasy ‘our voices will ring together’, but not for Bruce who has retained Newcastle United’s Premiership status, that’s no illusion.

Boiling Point

Pep Guardiola’s veiled swipe at the missing Manchester City supporters reared its ugly head again, reference to City’s Champions League encounter v the German Bundesliga’s RB Leipzig in opposite mode to Newcastle, success can breed contempt. City were seventeen thousand light on the attendance figure set against Premiership football, the regular fifty five thousand sell outs, no complaints there then, quote Guardiola “I would like more people, I am disappointed the stadium is not full”. Perhaps the City supporters are disappointed with the country’s wage levels Pep, of no concern to you. The City supporters group have publicly stated their dissatisfaction with Guardiola’s comments. A City supporter gave a candid view on the City support stating that in comparison to Liverpool, for the red core, football is a game of life and death and for Manchester United their support at a high percent is not of a Mancunian birth right in line with the prawn sandwich brigade, quote in time, perhaps the same for Liverpool in part, Manero in a Liverpool cab, the cab driver’s quote “Most of the supporters here come from abroad, they travel over”, the China sunrise over Anfield or is it the Scandinavian rays, dim but bright? The City supporters are a different concept according to the fan base. The Manchester supporters consist entirely of working class people who loyally follow their team who cannot afford the ticket prices for all four competitions, Premier, Champions League, FA and League Cups, a full on Mancurian fanbase.

Can Pep relate? Does he care? The empty wallets cannot find monies on a regular basis for the ticket prices, the replica shirts, to skinny dip into the fish and chips, it all comes at a cost, can we have a beer, is that ok Pep. Guardiola has a history of non profit from artificial intelligence quotes, twig the system Pep, the temperature, boiling point.

No Dance with the Nefarious

The Chester FC co manager Anthony Johnson’s harrowing story on Covid 19 during July 2021 having previously fought off Covid during November 2020, which brings into question the non-understanding of the power of the nefarious devil, the control it can exercise, to ignore the vaccines at one’s peril, to all, take the vaccine shots, not the pot shots of the Covid, ignorance is not bliss. Anthony’s second Covid illness during July 2021 became life threatening, Anthony had not taken the vaccine. When on the brink of losing your life, then the meaning of life can kick in a different perspective, to gain a broader view. Anthony’s co manager Bernard Morely both play the good cop, bad cop routine with Johnson engaging with the fans and can be robust on occasions “A man with a refreshing candour” thankfully Anthony has recovered, to Johnno, the Football Column wishes you well.

In Comment

“Do not look to dance with it, but to sidestep it with every precaution possible.”

Late News, the Chat Zone

Into the chat zone and according to the Newcastle toon with the knowledge, the general consensus is that mid table finishes would be acceptable, Newcastle finished the 20-21 season in twelve position, two places off mid table under Steve Bruce, job done.

The Pirates of Arabia

Job done on two counts with the takeover of Newcastle United buy the kingdom, Saudi Arabia and in the pending tray, the expected dismissal of Steve Bruce. According to the in dealers, the main hurdle has been removed, the new owners are not affiliated to the Saudi state, the smoking gun fumes changing the narrative, not true, to lie upon, still affiliated, deal on, the Premier League submissive. Put your running shoes on Boris Johnson and jump that hurdle for the brothers in arms to sustain the UK and the Saudi state relations, Boris, football’s regulator?

Shear Drivel

Alan Shearer has told the Newcastle supporters to educate themselves on human rights issues, the problem solver then. Shearer looking to cover one’s own tracks on future match of the days, programmed to the script, to avoid hypocrisy, no chance. Shearer’s delight at the Magpies’ progression on the back of the red stained sweaty palms of the Saudi money, Shearer, the club’s ambassador, robed in red?

The usual suspects, Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal were the main competitors to object the new expected competition, the Premier League offered deaf ears, cash bungs on board. Manchester City could use the hypocrite objection alongside Chelsea who like to launder the Rublesi to switch to Stirling, not Raheem. The remaining Premier League clubs’ objection is akin to a wind release, no substance. The elite of the Prem are more interested in saving their own necks and that’s no human rights issue.


The Saudi state, it can only come from the state who slashed the piracy network who previously were feeding their hands of deceit, linked into the Premiership networks, which in turn would cause turbulence to the PL’s money cake, the aim is increase the money tap, pirates in arms, deal on, the purchase of Newcastle FC.