Technical Directors + Kieran Trippier and Emerick Aubameyang Ukraine Abramovich Tanked

Into the technical director’s zone and to kick off with the departed CEO, another title, Manchester United’s Ed Woodward who failed miserably, does it matter who bestows the title, apparently it does at United with Woodward’s meddling in transfers, millions lost on players and extortionate wages on a batch of players who don’t cut the mustard, but like to dine on fancy steaks, mustard included in the Fancy Dans Manchester restaurants. Woodward’s appointments of managers who subsequently failed on the job became a ticker tape laughter chamber ‘United we fail’. The first appointment David Moyes was never going to be the right fit, post the Fergie era, Moyes says differently, but he would. Moyes currently going well at Westham United, it happens, but the Hammers are a different animal compared to the United hotseat.

Two experienced managers followed with Sergeant Major Louis Van Gaal and to antagonise, the Jose Mourinho, both managers past their sell by dates, punctured prunes without the custard. In came Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who steered the ship to less choppy waters but in time Ole’s lack of tactical nouse and man management skills was exposed, cannot bluff it all the time. The current manager ‘Mr Gegenpress’ a myth, Ralf Rangnick seems to be failing on the job. Woodward for his sins bottled it on appointing Antonio Conte, would have ruffled the United feather nest, Mauricio Pochettino the man, most probably, goodbye to the departed Ed Woodward, you will not be missed.

Over to the blueprint, no not Manchester City but Everton on the Mersey where Rafa Benitez has swatted away the fly in the ointment, the former technical director Marcel Brands rightly or wrongly Rafa has been given total control by the owner Moshiri, total football to follow? Seems the TD position does not seem to hold such importance at the EFC anymore, two quick incoming transfers came through the Everton door, was Brands required? Ask the Rafa. In the red half, Liverpool’s director of football works diligently and quietly without the song and dance routine, online with the transfers, a professional operation, adds the sweeteners, owner moves in, deal complete. Another smooth operator is chairman Steve Parrish (titled) at Crystal Palace, no religious cults, a modern projection, to move with the times. No DOF at Newcastle (as noted) under the Arab flag with defender Kieran Trippier signing on the dotted line who must have tripped over the light fantastic with the reported wages on offer a mind boggling 150,000 pounds a week, a denial of the wages, but would Trippier have signed for less? No, even the most mundane player can command. The normal rhetoric followed, a fantastic club, not here for the money, okay I’m listening. One player in danger of being gunned out is Arsenal’s Emerick Aubameyang, but not on his wages, a reported 350,000 a week, the roaming ostrich, Aubameyang who has a history of turning up late for training and team meetings, should that be the case with Emerick’s collection of Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s, time to add to the collection of the speed machines.

Stripped of the captaincy, an accomplished goal scorer who has suffered with a loss of form, it can happen, it’s up to the manager, Mikel Arteta to get the player back on track, to ostracise, no. To score the goals is the air the Bam Bam breathes, the goals to solve the riddle, massage the ego and the goals will follow, that’s the armband. The question has to be asked, were Arsenal right to sanction the player, yes, but a quieter footing would have proven more beneficial, keep the ostrich indoors, no need to go public, let the press come pundits hit the headlines button, who cares about the gossip, makes no difference, let the preverbal roll. Once the player accepts his mistakes then the club can move forward, respect will be given on both sides, the payer needs to return to the pitch, can Aubameyang’s goals be replicated long term? Question marks on the technical director position, a high price to pay for a mundane defender, Kieran Trippier and the Emerick Aubameyang saga. Aubameyang has since joined Barcelona, irreversible difference? No, to suggest it should have been sorted, the loss of a top player.

the world stands by Ukraine, they are heroic. A Putin crony to suggest, mansions, super cars, boats, aeroplanes, yachts, stripped bare, the Roman Abramovich scurrying around like a rat in the dark chambers of one’s back vaults looking to find a way out, to follow on, the sale of Chelsea FC, endeavouring to sustain one’s assets, sanctions to freeze Roman’s empire into oblivion, we can hope. Let the broom sweep clean “I cannot loose it all”. Yes you can, the Roman’s illicit money gains, time to do your own cleaning.

Abramovich Tanked
How can this be, quote from a major tabloid writer “English football owes Roman Abramovich gratitude”. English football owes Abramovich nothing, is gratitude for stripping the Russian people of billions of pounds in turn for one’s personal quest, the fame game, Chelsea Football club. The vehicle to buy into English football, daylight robbery, easy job, easy done let the stolen rubles work the dream. The blood stained busting wallet, if the tabloid writer wants to lick the blood notes, the drips off the Abramovich wallet to lead to a chocking effect. Sleep lost on those tabloid’s quotes, no better than the reptile, Abramovich.

The Road’s End
The Abramovich tenure led to a 2.1 billion outlay on players, is it possible that these spends are at an end. The no dine at football’s top table, set the egg timer time to replace one’s caviar, chuckle, chuckle. To sanction Abramovich could signal a death knell, the mighty can fall overnight, there are no boundaries, Abramovich and Chelsea FC