Today’s Stadiums and Safety Controls

The report which followed Hillsborough later led to all seater stadiums providing more safety for supporters with many clubs, with an array of clubs building new purpose built stadiums following the Lord Justice Taylor report on the necessary requirement for safe new stadium build. The first new stadium built in England (or is it Wales?) was Chester City’s (now Chester F.C.) The Deva Stadium, named at the time, in Roman terms, Deva means The Chester Stadium.

One of the new state of the art stadiums is the home of Brighton and Hove Albion, the aptly named, the “American Express” community centre ground. The stadium has all the necessary technology and safety standard required, it is one of the most high tech stadiums in England with up to 75 cameras at my last count, scanning all areas of the stadium which can zoom in on crowd disturbances, abusive behaviour, racial and antisocial movement, even combating homophobic language, where lip readers are sometimes employed at Brighton.

CCTV is mandatory at stadiums with some clubs even going further with the stewards having small cameras attached to their ears for even closer monitoring. Many clubs have also set up anti racism programmes, all these measures can be termed as being under the umbrella of crowd safety.

The safety of the supporters is of paramount importance, football has now adopted a professional approach to crowd safety, lessons have been learned from Hillsborough.