What’s the Beef? Room Service. Ronaldo Sells His Soul. Paul Pogba

What’s the Beef?

The claim to fame for cooking steaks, the Turkish chief, the butcher, Nusret Gokce, who likes to go under the name of Salt Bae with the Bae gate crashing the Argentinian’s World Cup celebrations on the pitch, to stand alongside the photo opportunist Bae, good for Bae’s business. So how did Bae get access to the pitch, we do know he is the FIFA president Infantino’s mate, so therein lies the answer, forget the it’s a setup FIFA enquiry, eat the garbage.

The butcher was given a ticket to all one’s needs, the VIP suites, all free at the Infantino cronyism bash, qualifications not required, the creep society, what’s the beef?

Infantino referred to the butcher as a legend, status afforded on the back of a steak, ride that cow, pathetic, nonsense. The internationally acclaimed Salt Bae, has a space ship, landed to interfere with human life’s wirings, a framed picture alongside the butcher with salt dripping off Bae’s elbow onto the steak, add some seasoning for the theatrical show time, even the Turkish television networks are to entertain you with the termed master chef, Brooklyn Beckham? A picture gallery at the Bae’s restaurants in Istanbul, Ronaldo, Messi, the sick bag Infantino, and many more, Chester Manero? No chance not at the steaked prices set, over one hundred pounds to eat the steak, pay the price and have your picture taken holding the Ronaldo Salt Bae twinned photo, enjoy your steak, perhaps the Messi will call, no thanks, I much prefer my own steak, tasty, oh to be famous, Salt Bae.

The Dreamed Visit

As I take your hand I feel unsure, music is serenading us in the famous restaurant, I can see in your eyes the Salt Bae steak, can we put it on the silver screen, Ronaldo, Messi, it is easy to pretend, I know we’re not fools, we should have known better not to waste this chance to eat the famous steak, are we all foolhardy, where did it all go wrong, the dream never dies, slumber fest, wake up Manero, tasty.

Room Service

The World Cup room of Lionel Messi is to be set up as a museum at the University of Qatar where the Argentinian team resided during the tournament, plenty of time to study then. The Argentinian Football Association must be hard up to have afforded basic accommodation, there is a similar concept in Turkey with the James Bond hotel room which was titled after the actor Daniel Craig’s stay there during the filming of Skyfall, Vodka Martini Mr Messi, why not Mr Bond I have won the World Cup, indeed.

Why not check into the Lionel food menu, the Forest Green Rovers diet, perhaps that’s the secret. Memory serves on Lionel being on frog juice to spring those legs into step, worth the visits? Time to Skyfall in.

Ronaldo Sells His Soul

The Football Column’s previous articles have had a positive take on Cristiano Ronaldo, but will not take that stance on the Portuguese’s move to the Saudi Arabia club Al Nassr on a one hundred and seventy five million pounds a year contract, the Ronaldo has entered the world of football oblivion, Cristiano’s career is over if he stays true to the two plus year age contract, to be air brushed away.

The Ron cannot see out his life seeking adulation, to be idolised. On prediction, a failure to see out the contract with boredom and dissatisfaction knowing he is not challenging himself, the rolling of the Ronaldo eyes on the pound signs like a slot machine has led to a self-delusional mind set alongside inflated importance, now the question is can Cristiano face the reality check zone, that time will come. What we have now is a soul searching abstraction, the caricature, grotesque, to change to the money legacy, to tarnish the CR7 with creed, it does not have to end this way, the CR7 brand, tarnished?

The Drama Queen

A return to the Football Column for Paul with the Manero questioning the Frenchman’s integrity to reflect on one bad Manchester United deal to another bad deal for the player’s current club Juventus with both clubs being on the receiving end of the Pogba’s prolong the injury syndrome, fit to play, a cheat? The Frenchman would initially have sustained an injury, and seems not eager to return to the green pastures but stays around to bank the green notes.

Pogba’s usual rituals on social media posts are never ending with the latest being with the players time spent on the ski slopes while allegedly injured, perhaps not participating, but still taking the piste. The Pog made oneself unavailable for the World Cup, but was dance prancing around on another media outlet during the World Cup, injured? Pogba the drama queen.

The Queen Bee, Pogba

“Isn’t it rich,
I’m a cheat,
isn’t it bliss.
Do you approve,
do I care,
my freedom time,
always fills me with happiness,
to cheat those around,
lies all a drama,
I’m the queen bee
Paul Pogba”


The Football Column pays it’s respects to two sporting icons who sadly passed away.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento
known as Pele

Pele played with a freedom and expression which no other matched.
The ‘King, Pele’

Gianluca Vialli

Gianluca played with a
warrior vibe alongside a
character trait of strong
humanity values

Respects to the families.