The Yankee Doodle Invasion. Ivan the Terrible. The Football Association


Not to be trumped, the invasion of the Americano’s with half of the Premier League Clubs operating under American ownership and to cook the deal further, the TV network NBC have ownership of a two billion pound, six year deal to broadcast over the pond, one big splash the cash. The pipe, the gas canister, the UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has been courting the idea of holding a Champions League final in the USA alongside a batch of Premier League matches, the self-serving Ceferin to load the money bags, football’s heist merchants never abate.

As for the players who get paid humongous, ugly sums of money can travel here, there and everywhere, all expenses paid, exhausting work with the secondary non Ceferin thought process on the players’ welfare and the supporters loading the planes to jet into America. Jetsetters? No, all expenses paid by UEFA, FIFA, no chance, watch that donkey fly. The FIFA president Infantino’s shoe shiner Arsene Wenger, beefs up on player drain to curry flavour, what’s the beef? Does the Ceferin give a s—t? Appears to be a no on the one long dump on the players and supporters. Host Jim White of the jump on board the radio express ‘TalkSport’ plucked out his dunce card, stating that the AC and Inter Milan Champions League semi-final would be suitable to play in the USA, feasible? On White’s to the get go mindset, conclusion that it would become pioneering, yes Jim, how many clubs share the same stadium, the stupidity syndrome. Back to the Simon Jordan arena, the candy’s free, those sweet American pies.

The Americans will have to satisfy themselves with watching the world’s number 1 league piped in, enjoy the experience, it will have to suffice, perhaps tune into the AFC Wrexham stream, the Dragon Network starring the Hollywood net busters, club owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, informing us of their delights to be all that’s Wrexham, plastic supporters with baseball hats, is that the deal? Shout USA, USA. The Daily Mail columnist, Ian Ladybird one’s replacement in part for Martin Samuel, it goes from bad to worse, passed the Premier League as not English, but of a foreign brigade concept, time to crunch that beetle. Fire the torpedo on the Ceferin nonsense, another intended money heist, derailed.

Ivan the Terrible

Brentford’s Ivan Toney morphed into Ivan the Terrible, with the Football Association charging Toney with 232 betting charges placed between 2017 and 2021, alongside an eight month ban and a 50,000 pounds fine all on the ride, of the adrenaline bet, buzz buzz. TalkSport’s Simon Jordan stated that the club knew nothing about it, is that really the case? Simon further claimed that Toney is not an embarrassment to the club, in response, Toney represents the club and is at the forefront, being their most inspirational player and to set an example, Toney’s actions have placed the Bees in a chagrin position. To suggest, the forward should have been brought to task when the stench became prevalent to connect to a gambling councillor.

Not to be outdone, Joey the ‘Birdman’ Barton received an eighteen month ban for 1260 FA betting breaches in 2017. Gambling sponsorship is rife in football with billboard advertising shirt sponsors, alongside the Football League being sponsored by Sky Bet since 2013, with half of the clubs in the Championship advertising a betting brand on the club shirts. Will the former Prince of Brentford Ivan Toney’s lesson be served, you bet?


WADA the anti-doping brigade type agency (World Anti-Doping Agency) became embroiled in the Prince Andrew affair during 2020, with the WADA employing a public relations firm at the tax payer’s expense, ranking out at 43,000 pounds. UKAD is a public sector body, which is primarily primed to serve the sporting world. The only connection is the riding of one’s horses at Windsor for one’s sporting entitlement to serve Prince Andrew, it is a Mickey Mouse take on the British public at no princely sum.

Bury AFC, B Stortford, Northwich Vics

The Football Association in their unfounded wisdom, have gloved a number of non-league clubs into a possible financial meltdown, placing clubs into leagues where far away travel to clock up the mileage to be placed in the Northern Leagues and vice versa. Other geographical FA positioning of clubs widens their crazed agenda. To highlight the crazed FA, Bishops Stortford in Herefordshire of the southern compass, have been placed in the National League North, with high mileage trips on the compass to Blyth Spartans, Darlington and the entire North League, the FA to foot the bill on travel and hotel expenses? The Bishops gained promotion from the Isthmian Premier, with their expected landing to be in the NL Southern, glorification on promotion, housed near London Stansted Airport, flights on away travel, no champagne Charlie’s here.

The bizarred FA mindsets show no abating, with the Cheshire based Northwich Victoria and Winsford United playing in the North West Counties League, the FA directive is to jump ship to the Midland League. Northwich in particular have high heritage having formed in 1874. Bishop’s Stortford became the Isthmian Champions, the club’s first success for twenty nine years, to suggest that the FA endeavour to even number the non-leagues. In the National leagues North and South, each club plays forty six matches, the Football Association needs to change their stance for less matches to be played in the non-leagues, to allow clubs to breathe the oxygen in their correct geographical locations, the FA’s mentality is not the answer, time to punch back.

The season ending 2019, Bury lost their football league status with the Gigg Lane gates being padlocked, bankrupt (link to article Buried, dated September 4th 2019). The club’s supporters rallied round with a united fanbase and a return to Gigg Lane is imminent. The Football Association’s non compliant stance during the Shakers road to closure, was disclosed when the Everton Chairman Bill Kenwright was to front one million pounds to save the club, but the FA blocked the move due to the two club involvement ruling. Rules can be changed to facilitate, a forward thinking process has to be the solution solver on the pyramid system debacle. The resurrection of the now named Bury AFC are currently in the ninth tier of the pyramid, the Premier North Counties League, a ‘Phoenix from the ashes’.