Champions of England Flash Back in Time Master’s Degree of No Relevance Troublesome James McLean

Champions of England

Congratulations to Liverpool Football Club, the Premier League Champions 2019-20. To the players, you have been a joy to watch, a credit to English Football, and to the City of Liverpool. Congratulations to you all.


The Manager, Passion Driven Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen connects at a genuine level, on a respect level, a man to be a admired for his warmth, moments of humour and passion for football, coupled with fortitude and great resilience, and above all an outstanding manager and coach who can task both on equal measures, Prost Jurgen, enjoy your outstanding success.

Flash Back in Time

If you spend some of your yearly time lumping it up in the Caribbean delights bathed in a white soured crinkled suit and a panama hat to follow, alongside the writings (tabloid press) of the premiership, it would be difficult to digest and understand the very essence of Newcastle’s Andy Carroll’s spell of explosive aggression v Manchester City and in particular centre back Aymeric Laporte, who came under the Carroll physicality. Andy became fed up with City’s dominance and decided to rough up the Blue Mooners, in football terms of course.

The physical side of the game has a big part to play in football, it does not fit into criticism. Andy gave us a flash back to the centre forwards of a bygone age to match up to Carroll’s previous toon sketching which led to the big money move to Liverpool. As for Samuel Pepys’s football diary, a coaching crash diet will suffice.

Master’s Degree of No Relevance

According to the English football league executive, it was agreed in conjunction with the government, following consultation with the Premier League chief executive Richard Masters, that financial assistance would be winging its way to the lower leagues, but Masters was in denial of this, there has since been no movement.

When approached with reference to the Premiership, quote Masters, “We’re in rescue mode, this is for later”, so Masters has been approached. The rescue ball park is up and running for the Premiership, with the television global networks now sending the obligated contractual monies to the Prem clubs. Masters cannot be the end destiny of the safeguarding of the pyramid system. The government need to invoke Masters in line with the conditions laid out in project restart, the clock is ticking.

Troublesome -> James McLean

For the non-poppy wearing James McLean during the yearly November remembrance month, to state that he is discriminated against, linking this to the “Black Lives Matter”, pales beyond belief. McLean disrespects British soldiers who lost their lives during the turbulent years in Ireland.

McLean previously made his stance wearing a balaclava with McLean’s son close by in a warped photo. McLean with his troublesome views insists his position is one of peace, where is the peace in this? It would be more befitting if McLean remained silent.