The Clock is Ticking Churchillian They Are Not

The clock is ticking as Manero comes in hard to hold accountable those who are not reaching out for the necessary requirements to address football’s pandemic financial ills. First to take the hit due to the failed project big picture, the football column will make a plea to the fourteen clubs outside of the so called big six to put these clubs to one side, air brush them away and the rest of English Football will follow suit as a majority, supporters alike, the requirement for the fourteen clubs to bail out the pyramid system 17 million pounds per club will work the oracle.

Without the pyramid system the Premiership will not have the same standing. The American fat cats at Manchester United and Liverpool in particular do not wish to relate, they are like lice in football’s rotting wood, they are a stain. Other incumbents of the stench are Tottenham’s Daniel Levy coupled with Chelsea’s Abramovich utilising stolen oil and aluminium money with outlandish transfer spending and Manchester City riding a similar boat. Liverpool and Arsenal can come into that equation, other clubs have followed likewise. The two North London clubs have taken the furlough route with their employees, this is how these clubs behave, they turn their backs on English Football in one’s hour of need and still expect to cream in English Football’s TV money cake. They are soulless and selfish, shame is bestowed on them, the failure of Project Big Six has resulted with the mentioned placing peanuts on the table, that’s their non Chilean response.

The lower league clubs are facing the inevitable making staff redundant with Tranmere Rovers in example mode making 20 staff redundant, chairman Mark Palios for all his bleating refused the Project Big Picture strategy, now the folly of this follows suit. The top of the list and of vital importance, the ground staff, the pitch manicurers could be released, pitches will become Sunday League standard, follow the bad bounce so to speak, a return to the sand pitted mudheaps of a long gone era, that’s if the football is still bouncing in our much loved communities stretching across our country, can we relate, yes we can. Keep the stadium gates secured don’t want doggy poohs on the pitches with the chant “Who let the dogs in” (in jest).

To non football followers, questions are asked, “Why should football receive government monies bailouts?”, the reasons will be outlined, the response, football is the country’s national sport, football is many a community’s axel, the hub, a community soul, the heartbeat, many communities will subside without their football club, the towns of Macclesfield and Bury are bleeding, the wounds cannot be healed. To double up on the Premiership sins, they have offered 20 million in grants and 30 million in loans, termed as the BS B______ offerings. For the supporters who just live off a diet of Premiership Football and have never smelt grass roots football, the suggestion has to be that their connection road to the pyramid system is null and void, change the mindset, jump on board.

Next up for another hit is the government who in fairness have played their part, in part, with an interjection of funds into the National League alongside the Northern an Southern Leagues affiliated, but they need to do more, a further injection is required into Leagues 1 and 2 with in part the Championship, ten clubs in the Championship have billionaire owners, they can address their own finances. The Premiership clubs will not pump money into a billionaire’s football club portfolio, a good standing ground on this decision making, their accountability come financial landscape is clear to see.

As for the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson who may not be a connoisseur of football, but Boris needs to become one and quickly, to stand on the correct moral standing ground and work alongside football with some form of regulator at a possible later date to operate within football, to keep football’s ills at bay and there are many pre Covid 19.

Into the final hit mode, the professional football association who are intent on containing the Football Leagues capping which is a possible route to many club’s survival, no clubs equates to a raft of players being made redundant, now that’s what you call protecting your members, a distorted lens, self interest is afforded for one’s self, the guilty one, the PFA chairman Gordon Taylor. Positive action needs to prevail with the clock ticking on football’s time bomb.

The Championship

For the Championship clubs and new on the horizon is a deal possible being struck with all that’s America with JP Morgan acting as an agent, seems to be the correct term with TPG capital laying down the investments, with 300 million pounds on the table in return for taking a 25% slice of future incoming revenue sources, alongside a 51% voting rights with incoming revenues in line with the initial payment as mentioned would be a season upon season income for the Championship. A good deal initially but ling term, perhaps not such a positive deal with 51% voting rights of major concern. Come December onwards clubs could be reaching for the bag of liquorice all sorts, the liquidation devil, the question is, deal or no deal?

The Pfizer

Pfizer on the way, no not pizzas, wrong spelling of course, Pfizer the Covid 19 vaccine life saver, Happy New Year to the CM brand readers, great news.