Conspiracy Theories, Myths, Sub Plots, Mysteries and Fantasy


The cloned or is it clown of the spoon fixing or is it spoon bending of the strange 1, Mr Uri Geller, who welcomed the bizarre sight of friend Michael Jackson to the Devon delights of the football gods, Exeter City, at Saint James’ Park, during Geller’s alleged role as co-chairman, time fixed in 2002.

Jacko failed to entertain the watching public with the moon walk due to the muddy pitch, in relation, did the Moon landings take place? As fantasy goes, Geller was apparently given paranormal activities by extraterrestrials, but no green men were spotted running around in the red and white stripes of the Grecians, maybe the colours would clash too much in Geller’s pure driven fantasy.


A mystifying concept is the creation of the termed, ‘Banana Cross’, by the German Lufthansa, hamburger SV’s right back during the 1970’s decade, Manfred Kaltz, who became famous for striking crosses into the opposition’s penalty box with the flight of a curved banana travelling in time, match time. Kaltz was not wearing tight shorts at the time hence Manfred’s freedom of movement issues with the banana ball control, come cross, of no such mystery.

The Sub Plot

From ball bending to the American delusional dream, came with the American actor, come make up artist, Terry Smith, who rode into Chester Football Club as the club’s new owner in 1999, on the American grid iron chariot. Smith lay claim to being a former player for new England patriots, in the sub plot to engage grid iron with English Football, alongside the title of the ‘Famed 1’.

Smith’s ultimate aim was to become the club’s manager, which he became in the clueless football world of the American Dream. It all had to end in tears and on May 6th 2000, Chester Football Club lost their 69 year old Football League status.

Smith fell short of laying grid iron markings on the Deva Stadium pitch but can lay claim to being the most bizarre figure in the annals of English Football.


Some would question the appointment of Marco Silva as the Everton manager, whose CV did not match up to being even considered as the manager of such a high profile club. Silva became a kite in the Premiership hurricane, devoid of tactical leadership, it all became too imbroglio for Silva to deal with in the most mystifying of appointments.


According to the rumour mill, so goes the story, that Bob Paisley’s Liverpool and Brain Clough’s Nottingham Forest claimed an abundance of silverware with little game plan or tactics, just pass the ball and move, was rocket science invented then? Beam me up Scottie for the most desired of myths.

Part 3 will appear in the next edition.