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Manchester City have been confirmed as the Champion’s League pretenders, following naive defending, pushing forward too much to play the high line to try and suffocate Lyon, which left City exposed for the break away defining second goal, resulting with the French outfit cruising to victory 3 to 1. City were warned on three occasions before the killer blow, but they persisted with their self destruct defending. Raheem Stirling’s miss of the century from 5 yards for an equalising goal would have been City’s get out of jail card, perhaps a blessing, the German power house of Bayern Munich lay in wait who would have exposed the papering over the cracks.

Blue Mooner’s Breached

Manchester City’s defence needed to step back 5 to 10 yards, play slightly deep in open play to restrict Lyon from breaking behind City on the counter attack, with Lyon possessing fast forwards, Guardiola’s men needed to remain controlled after making the score line 1-1, then look to methodically break Lyon down. A failure to control the rush of blood to the head which only Champion’s League football can provide again, led to their downfall. City need to find the answers if they are ultimately to become Europe’s top dog.

Europa and Out

Manchester United’s journey in the Europa Cup ended at the semi-final stage to the UEFA come Europa Cup kings and 5 times winners Seville, three of those trophies were delivered by Unai Emery. Failure to pick up the blindside runs of Suso and Luuk De Jong sank United.

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

Heavy criticism was directed at Lionel Messi’s armband (the captain) for Messi’s apparent lack of leadership qualities in the aftermath of a punishing 8-2 defeat to Bayern Munich. Messi has always been driven by his own goals and desires. The 2014 World Cup Final loss to Germany highlighted Messi at the forefront for himself and not his team mates, alongside Lionel displaying the back of his shirt in ignorant mode to the Argentinian team on the pitch, post match defeat – the message was clear “Don’t cry for me Argentina”

Ronald, All Stardust -> Koeman

Messi’s new master of the Barcelona realm is the ‘Coo Ca Choo’ of the Koe -> man, Barce’s new incoming manager who needs to iron rod with a black leather glove with the need to massage Lionel’s bruised ego, music to Lionel’s needs, “I really love the things that you do, I love the way you know you’re the best”. The failed on the CV former Everton Manager needs to abstain from sitting on one’s cigar, could prove to be uncomfortable for Barce, on the pitch of course!

[Alvin Stardust of a Coo Ca Choo fame has made it into the Football Column?]

The Korean Peninsula -> Northern Section

On the Korean peninsula the aptly named ‘Flying Dog’ television network unit, government sponsored, is allegedly beaming small footage of Premiership matches into the Northern sector atmosphere for those fortunate to receive, is it really happening, Premiership Football?