Football’s Quirks. Simon Said. Mr Brexit. To Lower Order. Gary Lineker

Football’s Crazed Road

Onto the crazed road signposted Sam Allardyce who it still available for work quote “I would take the Wolves job, but I cannot speak Portuguese”. If you had spoken Portuguese to your brown envelope handlers then perhaps you would not have taken the mutton dressed as lamb, the money and England would have prevailed, and Southgate no more. Allardyce in a recent interview seemed a bit amiss, but in a later take big Sam seemed very knowledgeable and engaging, perhaps on the earlier interview Sam was having an off day, too many brown papers Sam.

Onto the loveable Robbie Savage, whose last visit to the hairdressers seemed many perma highlights away, a visit to ones caravan Robbie, get your mum to make the appointment, job done, a spruced up Robbie, short back and sides, looks intellectual, now that’s going a bit far. Savage’s take on the gruesome twosome, Harry and Meghan? No, the biggest goons you could see and that’s before you can spot any sunlight coming out of Bury or is it Salford? Some to suggest two shithouses, pull the chain on that one, Sam Allardyce, brown notes? The Neville bros of course, but Phil’s in sunning himself with Inter Miami under Beckham’s watch. Is Phil Neville the only manager who can fail on the job and still retain his position on the arse end of the manager’s seat, to be in courtship with DB, but you son not have any tattoos Phil, lighten up.

Onto the pearly Henry Winter, who? You know, the one that writes for the Times who informed us of his visit to an England training session during the World Cup, did you spot the round shape bouncing around the ball? The last time I saw Henry he was clothed in the normal media scruff bag appearance wearing a public school type jacket and jeans. The camera panned to the head on the stick, as for the jeans, never got a look in, I wonder why. The other half the DM head honcho who spotted some water while in Qatar and went for the clean sweep, a shave, very smart, perhaps been speaking to Roy Keane who was sporting a rat moustache under the nose, Roy back on the bins in Manchester.

A new face on the block Robson Kanu, some can tell he played for Wales, a bit thick in the valleys or is it London. The speak on occasions did not add up, one plus one makes two, is that right Hal. Then we have the other Welsh half the sweet smelling lager fumes of Dean Saunders who tends to speak in block zones, the pitch is marked for him to mark there and for him to move there, any room for the Dean at the alter, a pint of lager will do, yes Dean, no more car crashes please, too expensive, yes my Lord. Rest assured we still have a bit of quality with Souness and Jordan, that’s if you like that side of the road, football’s crazed road, vroom vroom, enjoyed the ride.

Simon Said

Radio TalkSport’s Simon Jordan has become too big for one’s panties believing the hype. Graeme Souness appeared under the Jordan bright studio lights at TalkSport, and quickly disembarked due to Simon’s argumentative traits and questioning Souness’ integrity and character. The show’s host Jim White who sits alongside Jordan with a long tongue contorting the mouth as if he is munching into some kind of hidden lamb chops, but the football gospel has spoken, Simon said. White jumps on board and to many is the urinal tap of the gang of two, inflated egos. Jordan does offer quality, direction and candidness, but the direction has gone off sync, self-control and not listening to your own hype is an essential.

Simon stated that Tottenham Hotspur should concentrate on football matters as opposed to hosting pop concerts alongside other events, balderdash of course, striving for a headline. The Spurs commercial activities at this large scale would strengthen on direction, the club’s transfer expenditure, to generate the typed revenue holds credibility. A further Simon goading came with the quote “Spurs are all fur coat and no knickers, Lady Gaga and Beyonce?”, of previous concerts at the Hotspurs. So has Simon become all hot air and pants? A need to change the narrative, Chester said.

Football’s Brexit Conundrum

The Football Association are challenging the Premier League with the issue of the overseas players entering our shores. The foreign brigade have to hit a 15 point mark on a raft of requirements, the Prem want the figure reduced to a 12 point requirement to activate player’s transfers, the Mr Brexit introduction to football, link to article ‘A Brexit Parish’ Nov 22. The FA’s contention bone is the fact that too many foreign players limits the number of English players which the England manager can select. The present incumbent Gareth Southgate has overcome the problem by giving young players opportunities to wear the Three Lions shirt. It’s the global nature of the beast under European laws, but a partial de-frocking is in the palm of the FA’s hands. The FA have veto power over any Premier League head honcho appointments and any changes to league rules, so the Prem will have to tread very carefully on those eggshells, of note, the football in their entirety is self-governing, subject to the Football Association’s sanctions. The football academies are in theory the breeding ground for young English talent, but that can be termed as all hot air to a degree, all gas and quick to deflate. The Manero watch dog, to simplify, every Premiership club has to select four English players on first team selection, time to enter this solver. At present each topflight club must have wight squad players that qualify as ‘homegrown’, but the think tank is partially obsolete if first team selection opportunity is not offered, to solve the conundrum, to simplify, the Manero watch dog.

To Lower Order

A shot in the arm for the WOKE movement or maybe not, with the BBC and ITV networks looking to cheap deal the 2023 Women’s Football World Cup on broadcast with the pundits based at studios in England. At least the pundits will not have to travel far afield and to avoid the hotel’s pea soup, glad tidings at a 5 star service, why not indeed. A small batch of pundits will be in travel mode, don’t forget the pickled sandwiches, pork scratchings to follow, one star good enough, England to win the World Cup? Add that one star.

Hark the Angelic

Gary Lineker short suspension as the Match of the Day host, led to an en masse pundit self-glorification walkout in support of the angelic Gary, who questioned the Home Office’s immigration policy with Lineker’s comparison being made to 1930’s Nazi Germany, reference to migrants on small boats, human rights issues being the concern. The BBC pundits, for their sins, sit in the same shit under their hypocrisy banner having failed to show the same solidarity for the Qatar World Cup, stay seated they remained. Lineker can run the rule over one’s podcast unit and sprout his political views there against the establishment, it’s called democracy?

To Reinstate

Gary Lineker has since been reinstated to the Match of the Day host seat. The BBC has now become the Boys Brigade choir, sing from the rafters Gary, this is now a party political broadcast.

The MOTD Crash Course

The Daily Mail’s viper Oliver Holt had a crash course on his introduction to Match of the Day, having witnessed a car accident injuring a woman as a small child. Oliver returned home with one’s parents and was granted the Oliver wish to watch MOTD for the first time, to link the two begs the question, therapy sought?