Football’s Crazed Face

Look at the numbers astonishing, the reported numbers:

Mesut Ozil – £350,000, based on weekly sums
Alexis Sanchez – £560,000, since departed
David de Gea – £375,000, a latter 2 year decline.

The connection, all of the highest of earners and all flops. The abolishment of the maximum wage created this monster, shocking. To the supporters when they see these figures being bandied about which has become the norm, perhaps reach for the sick bowl?

Changes need to be made, the transfer market requires a stipulated transfer fee ceiling within football club’s longevity financial range, a figure of 40 million max has to become the new football law, but there are too many sticky fingers in football’s chocolate money cake, the chain link needs to be broken, where is football’s leading pioneer, the ‘Maverick Man’?

To concur with the above, a new ceiling on a reformed wage structure to fall in line with safety measures for all clubs’ financial structures, managers alike also need to fall in line with similar ideals, where failure does lead to huge financial pay outs, with the failure of the contract phase, wiping out chunks of clubs’ finances. Who want to see row upon row of failed managers and players on millionaire’s row while our clubs struggle to survive. The player’s contracts need to operate on 2 year contracts, and if the player wants to leave after the 2 years, he cannot leave on a zero transfer, the club retains the player’s registration, new rules set in place, make the player’s contract deemed to be a separate entity. The player’s correct market value transfer fee will be set, if the players rebel they can ride the bullet and ride out of football, they are not the last chance saloon, players will adhere, has to be the suggestion. The players’ agents will be dinosaured out, a club’s CEO can negotiate at the table, at the managers’ table a 2 year contract would be the set rule, this gives a manager time to build the playing side without fear of dismissal. The huge compensation, manager’s culture will not prevail, changes need to be made, the path of fear is obsolete. A correction to these injustices to football, the stranglehold must be loosened. Likewise, the players at the elite level, the disconnection with the supporters must not continue on a never ending road, a reiteration, where is football’s Maverick Man?

Into the clubs’ shops, commercially speaking. The never ending clubs’ seasoned replica shirts, come kits, the clubs’ cushioned crested toilet rolls (in jest) sweat bands, Jack Grealish hair clips for the Villa supporters, alongside head bands, sock’s hold ups, perhaps reintroduce the 1970’s Leeds United tasselled sock tie ups to increase the money making machine, or the new on the block, screw stud fixer for your favourite player’s boots, the list can go on, part invention if you like, sponsor a sock for the ultimate all of football’s ills in this Manero crested article can and should be addressed and corrected, come forward the ‘Maverick Man’, football’s pioneer.

A Crazed Icelandic Dream

Too much too soon can lead to half witted behaviour, with Manson Greenwood and Phil Foden of United and City respectively, breaking team England’s Covid 19 bubble, on self invite, of two modelled Icelandic swim babes, icy cold, to the team’s hotel. Foden for his sins did a blue mooner for one’s photograph. A recall to the three lions is now a distant swim away.

Macclesfield Town A Field of Debt

Football’s first victim of the pandemic Macclesfield Town have been wound up with debts of 500,000 pounds. An overwhelming sadness for all those connected with the Silkmen and most importantly the supporters. For supporters alike who are brought up on grass roots football by their parents and family generations before in support of their club, the place where they were born in most cases is very relative, to the pain which can be felt. We all have the same connection, the love of our club. The Silkmen’s long history dating back to 1874 is consigned to the record books, but Macclesfield Town are not forgotten.