Harry’s Downfall Smarty Points Konstantinos Tsimikas

Manchester United’s Harry Maguire’s multiple assault charges, alongside the more damming bribery charge, while taking a holiday on the Greek island of Mykonos came as a huge shock. A big mistake of horrendous proportions. The mega bucks incoming wages of the elite players at their disposal could become a feeling of invincibility, which can overwhelm the person, constantly being in the media spotlight can have a suffocating effect, a harming inducement.

Maguire endeavouring to lead from the front as Manchester United’s captain can double up and rear a heavy burden on one’s shoulders. Abstaining from alcohol, then plunging quick fire into what can become an instant evil, can immediately change the individual, Maguire perhaps? Where does Maguire go from here? Reputation shattered, a view from another lens will now be the perspective. In Harry’s defence, he can be subjected to cruel jibes on occasions, most probably off the pitch as well. Harry can look ungainly which can deceive from Harry’s true qualities, he has all the technical attributes, hence the fee paid, the critics are wrong. On arrival at Liverpool, the same was said of Jordan Henderson.

There’s always someone looking to take a pot shot at your fame, it comes with the territory. The football world can be an unforgiving environment, time will reveal all, for Harry Maguire.

The Football Column will not pass judgement on Harry Maguire, a dividing circumstantial view is the given.

Smarty Points

Harry’s colleague, the flying winger, Daniel James, was looking to earn extra smarty points, posting images of one’s Welshman running on a dog track of a pitch (no, not North Korea) but on the Greek island, Mykonos, of course, Harry Maguire’s destination hell hole, fitness levels maintained, over to you Ollie, ‘smarty points credited’.

An Insight, Liverpool’s New Signing Konstantinos Tsimikas

Manero goes into player watch mode on Liverpool’s new signing, Konstantinos Tsimikas from Olympiakos.

Plays more square on than first choice left back Andy Robertson, is very aware when defending, can relate to the opposition and their forward movement, looking over the shoulder, can back track 5+ yards with sharp movements to go in line with positional play to block the opposition’s forward moves and playing across the line movement in Konstantinos’ left back area. Reads the game well, very fast over the starting block and can close down efficiently. Tsimikas can angle defending runs to narrow the opposition’s areas of movement. Can work on becoming more explosive on approach to attacking areas.

Of the opinion that Jurgen Klopp does not see Tsimikas as a full season understudy. It is possible that as the season progresses that Andy Robertson will drop into Milner’s position on occasions, but looking to go wide with ball retention. A window of opportunity would then be created to accommodate Tsimikas on a more regular basis. To suggest that Klopp will use this tactic, when Jurgen would normally go with Milner, with Tsimikas being considered for first team selection.

All will be revealed with the new Premiership kick off date up and running for the 20-21 season. Feels like two seasons rolled into one. Enjoy the season.