The Premiership Managers Time Spent in the Coronavirus Lockdown

Frank Lampard the Running Track

Super Frankie Lampard installed a running track with a view to a return to the green playing pastures in a later project at the age of 51, to surpass the great Sir Stanley Mathews, record currently on hold for Super Frank.

Daniel Farke Tequila Sunrise

Daniel’s been practising under the ray of light and become the Tequila Sunrise, to give a clear head in the plotting of the Canaries great escape, Daniel will then become the star in the face of the Norwich sunrise. It was not to be with relegation, time for the Tequila.

Brendon Rodgers 007

Brendon’s been practicing his Bond moves, syphoning intelligence reports on the opposition, mapping routes out to avoid the enemy of spectre in the Foxes Champion’s League routes, all in Brendon’s mind of course, for the 007 of Leicester.

Chris Wilder Amigo

Chris has been scanning the basement for bargain buys to propel the blades further. Chris has donned the poncho to replace the supped up jacket, alongside the sombrero, come on you Blades, amigo Chris.

Eddy Howe Cherry Picked

During lockdown Eddie installed a cherry picked top of the range sunbed, to top up one’s tan, with a practicing of the goal celebration, (if there’s any) to give more thrust and an emotionally charged purpose in Bournemouth’s one ray of sunshine, a cherry picked relegation.

Pep Guardiola the Artistry of the White Ball

Pep’s been practicing his touchline technique during lockdown, in preparation for the touchline stress moments which take hold, as Pep rolls a mysterious white ball on the cusp of the mouth before engaging with the spit out, where did it go? It’s disappeared, but Pep does not do chewing gum? I hope it’s not what I think it is, over to you Jamie Carragher.