Don Revie – The Mercenary? Troubled Sorties The Merry Go Round Liverpool FC

The Don Revie family and the club Leeds United are seeking an apology for their former manager, who was banned from English football for ten years during the 1970’s. Revie debunked on team England during Don’s tenure as the England manager on resignation and departed to the United Arab Emirates for a hefty tax free pay day.

It is regarded in many quarters that Revie’s resignation was unacceptable, not heard of, not done, a no go area, the tone of the times during that period, treacherous, hard language. The team that Don built during the 1970’s ‘We are Leeds’, was the best of the rest, a team built on skulduggery, thuggery, the dark arts of the game and a stash of black books marked down ‘Norman (Hunter) bites your legs’, nothing wrong with that if you like blood letting shinpads and bruised egos with all opposition battered to submission, it’s a results business, marked down, Don Revie’s Leeds United. The Revie family maintain that Don’s reputation has been sullied, Revie did that himself, can that be disputed, the mercenary? (Link to article 30.05.20 The Manager’s Theme Park).

Troubled Sorties
Are the football hooligans returning on mass to English Football? The disturbing photos of a lump of lard, a Leicester City fan looking to throw raised fists at a clutch of Nottingham Forest players having encroached on the pitch leaves a disturbing taste, this is one of many incidents. To sniff, the whiff of scandal is that the drugged supporters are fuelled up with cocaine, the new wave on the block, the Football Associations and the Police need to up their game to stop the decease becoming rampant.

The Wayne Rooney documentary, high fives, raised studs, heavy metal, daggered into John Terry’s shin bones courtesy of the smashed shin pad, crunch, the right opponent, John Terry, a fan? Wayne Rooney’s admission of guilt to with intent to implant long studs, to injure, to maim, that’s the Rooney tattoo. The Football Association summonsed the Roon to explain oneself, the Rooney response, quote “It was just a feeling, no intent”. Two gutless entities on this one, Rooney and the FA with a verbal warning issued on John Terry’s shinpad, an ending of Terry’s career at the time was the intent, as for the Rooney documentary, worth a watch?

To the Tottenham manager Antonio Conte, football to suggest is a game of life and death, a defeat to the Italian means, quote “I die for a day. We need to kill the opponent to win the match.” In sporting terms of course. Antonio’s wife must be as miserable as sin after a Tottenham defeat, but it’s no sin to live off Antonio’s proceeds, the incoming cash, licenced to thrill, the resurrection of Conte ‘No time to die Antonio’.

The Merry-go-round
The former Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa’s attractive open expansive football style brought it’s rewards with a new found Premiership status. It was into the second Prem season that the opposition twigged onto Leeds’ defensive frailties, the Premiership forwards take no prisoners, clinical finishing sealed Bielsa’s fate, as the sack loomed, the Argentine was unable to stop the goals leak with tactics, systems and a football philosophy mindset change, but Bielsa will be remembered and enters into the Leeds united folklore.

At least we will not be subjects to the post match interviews with Bielsa’s misery guts style of answers to any questions, Bielsa’s translator in tandem looked more p—-d off than Marcelo. Surely he can speak some English, it don’t matter now, we are Leeds? The return of a Premiership legend, perhaps not in management terms with the return of ‘Sparky’, Mark Hughes to management. A return to the forgotten pastures of Bradford City League Two status, a strange deroute for Hughes, maybe that’s all that’s on offer. The attraction to follow the rumblings of an old quarry, which the Valley Parade ground is housed on. If the results don’t go according to plan, then perhaps Sparky could supply the paint to spruce up the stadium’s rust, to serve a purpose, or could the quarry swallow Hughesy whole, spark out, perhaps football’s merry-go-round will release football’s other no hopers, Pardew, McClaren and Allardyce, any takers? Troublesome times.

Liverpool FC
Congratulations to the 2022 League Cup winners Liverpool, who claimed their ninth League Cup v Chelsea on a penalty shootout, an English record. Jurgen Klopp stated post-match “I enjoyed the occasion just as much as winning the Champions League”. Perhaps Jurgen got the message to take the English domestic cups seriously, Wembley, Wembley.