Game for a Laugh? Farhad Moshiri. The Rallying Call

Game for a Laugh?

The YouTube prankster Dan Jarvis with the self-appointed numbered (69) which seems appropriate for his latest stunt. Jarvis donned his Hush Puppies and planted himself with a BBC crew on a pre-match stadium entry hours before the FA Cup tie at the Molineux Stadium for the Wolves v Liverpool Cup replay. Jarvis later gained access to the non secured Match of the Day studios and planted a mobile phone.

With kick-off time fast approaching the MOTD titles quickly turned to porn of the day with sexual noises reverberating around the studio and into the country’s living rooms with the broadcaster hitting the country’s TV sets. The pundits in situ became agitated with Danny Murphy admitting being paranoid thinking the noises were coming from his phone, a regular follower then Danny? The Governor Paul Ince did his customary popping of his eyes alongside the twitching and the flicking of the eyebrows moving at faster rate of knots while Alan Shearer spouted a couple of hairs, Gary Linekar’s ears went ping pong, the noises lasted for a short period before everyone became exhausted, phew! The show ended with a rendition of “Ooh, ah, Cantona” and “Who let the dogs in?” We are wolves.

(Link to the article, a salute to the generals, Feb 2021)

Everton Football Club
Farhad Moshiri

The pundits come media have had their say, time for Manero to enter the fray. The Everton owner, Farhad Moshiri, has invested cosmically in the club, so has Moshiri been spending that money, that watch falls on the managers who identify the players they want, then onto the technical director alongside the get go. With the boardroom members to negotiate the incoming players fee, contract and a raft of conditions, yes Moshiri writes the cheque off. The before mentioned beyond Moshiri are set into compartments to be professional and efficient, to be relied upon, to do their jobs, that’s the monster of the club’s downfall. They have failed, to suggest the responsibility lies on their watch, the managers and down the chain we go. Moshiri is not totally indefensible, he has not been a hands on owner, if people are not shown leadership on a weekly basis then to suggest that they will not perform efficiently, the club’s philosophy set can be the breeding ground for the rotting worms.

Time to look at the players on Moshiri’s watch, Roberto Martinez, Ronald Koeman, Carlo Ancelotti, and Frank Lampard. It can be said that the Evertonians of the Majority were welcoming of these four incoming managers. The RAFA Benitez appointment became toxic alongside Sam Allardyce, big Sam saved the club from relegation, the supporters have short memories on his tenure. The Sam signings of Cenk Tosun and Theo Walcott turned out to be flops, in fairness to Tosun he did not get many opportunities under the new management after Allardyce’s departure. The before mentioned managers entered the transfer market with wild carelessness and these are the areas where huge amounts of money was spray gunned out of the club at an alarming rate, Moshiri put his trust at manager level and below, their staggering incompetence reached rarefied heights. Time to add the unscrupulous football agents to the mix, who according to some sources have got inside Moshiri’s head, all toffee. The agents recommend players to clubs, but it is the managers decision on player intake, some technical directors go above their station and subscribe to player signing themselves, it is possible that this did transpire at Everton on occasions. Agents need to be treated like the cattle they are, they look to exploit clubs with their emotional investment. Being in their money take, naivety and being not savvy on the football block are Farhad Moshiri’s failings.

The Rallying Call – EFC

You will not stand as a team if you cannot collectively deal with everything that’s thrown at you, your abilities, temperament and work ethic, self-belief, no freedom to doubt, to have all of these, now is the time to evolve, to deliver, to regulate it all and you will stand tall as a team.

City’s Gunslingers following on from a four year investigation the Premier League have charged Manchester City with an alleged one hundred rule breaches dating back to 2009 and ending the 2018 season. UEFA tried to pull the same stunt in 2020, link to article “UEFA the Bunch of Thieves” Aug 2020. Simon Jordan of TalkSport called the tune that UEFA ran out of a legal time framed umbrella, that is not the case, City appealed to the court of arbitration (CAS) attached to article 57, the FIFA statutes of being an independent court and won their case. Jordan claimed that City cannot go to the arbitration route again if the proceedings stretch into a second phase, we shall see. There can be a second door that can be knocked and opened with legal encounters and City will be armed to the hilt with lawyers, the City gunslingers.

The charge list runs the length on circulation of one’s body mucus and that’s not to be spat at. The general snake head of the Premiership’s charges revolves around the club’s owner Sheikh Mansour, who is accused of bank rolling the club in various disguises to avoid the financial fair play rules. A group tittled the Fordham group was set up with the selling of image rights to kick start an income stream with the Mansour secretly pumping money into Fordham who in turn would use the funds to pay the players wages with the accounts showing a lowering of the wage bill when in reality that was not the case, to deceive the eyes of the Premiership’s FFP rules.

Onto City’s sponsorship deals with the Mansour hiding behind the sponsor’s names, perhaps fictitious to pump money into the club’s commercial department money pot. An independent commission will be set up with the Blue Mooners logo, pants to the charges. City will be ready to make their challenge, time to bring on the City lawyers, the Gunslingers.

Swindon Town

On June 13th 1990, Swindon Town were relegated from the old First Division, on thirty six rule breaches over a 5 year period, Sunderland replaced the Robins in England’s top tier the Black Cats spread their spell. If City are found guilty, will they face the same fate?