Hard Hit Long The Road to Qatar Hung Out to Dry

Hit Hard, Hit Long, No Pose Required

If Harry Kane is prepared to be rolled out on the strength of a captain’s arm band, as a muppet come puppet to invoke the Football Association’s voice box on the 2022 Qatar World Cup scandal, construction workers dying in droves on stadium build, then so be it, but spare us the quotes “We care, can we help”, nonsense. The death knell has led to six thousand deaths, the time to speak out was when the death carriages were being rolled out, anything spoken now can be termed as a soulless brand to try and save face. Best to stay quiet, we know the brand, the World Cup brand, other team members will follow suit on instructions.

The rumoured grapevine, add the alcohol, has revealed that the player’s wives and girlfriends of team England will be housed on a cruise liner, maybe one of Vladimir Putin’s relics to guarantee alcohol beverage of high importance. On land the men folk of Qatar on their say so do not drink, gamble or womanise, is the Champagne fake? Of course not, they celebrate on all three, the deadly sins mothballed? Open all hours behind closed doors, the myth buster.

Perhaps a diversion to clear one’s mind for the wag value, wives and girlfriends is to tune into YouTube footage of the made in Brooklyn Cheese Bridge Burger, courtesy of Brooklyn Beckham, titled ‘How to make a beefburger’, all at a cost of seventy two thousand pounds (reported) for small time footage, all expenses paid, camera crew, lighting, production, staff, as for dear David a lucrative deal has been signed with the Qatar regime. Do they eat beefburgers? No just the pork scratchings, watch the golden balls, a huge pay packet is on the way to Becks, courtesy of one’s regime. The hypocrite umbrella for indulging in the FIFA branded festival, death to the World Cup workers, it will not stop us tuning in, the watching world, a tarnished watch, a tarnished feel? The end game is to carry the trophy along one’s gated driveway, a mansion awaits, that’s the surreal world, the only world that can be related to for the chosen few in football’s bubble, pop.

The Road to Qatar, Part 1

The Manero on team England’s current status, of the opinion that Gareth Southgate is looking at alternatives for a strike partner for Harry Kane, to suggest that Phil Foden is being considered, but Phil has no experience in this role which is highlighted with a too touch tight play to the defenders which results in slow recovery on losing ball retention, initially in the centre area, Foden is a different proposition in a wide position, two different roles, two changeable skillsets.

In opposite mode, Crystal Palace’s Connor Gallagher can roll the ball over, the term to snatch back ball possession quickly, but can Connor be seriously considered for the role? The other alternatives at present are Raheem Stirling and Jack Grealish having formed the impression that Gareth is happy with Stirling and currently would be the Kane strike partner choice, but to suggest that Southgate is looking for more, the profile, a dynamic player to fill the role, is that player in the squad? Connor Gallagher has the dynamic star quality, but can it be harnessed at international level? Connor has similarities to France’s Griezmann. Jack Grealish comes into the equation, Southgate expects more from Grealish, to concur, Jack can become Kane’s partner tucked in behind central, a knowledge of this position during the Villa days, an imposing more onto the opposition, to up the gears and to become more explosive at the start point on receiving the ball with an open stride pattern to attack the opposition with the intention to slice open the opposition’s defence. Jack has time to implement this into his game with the correct coaching theme, he can become that player to partner Kane. My wish list is for that change in Jack, the game changer, it could be the difference in becoming world champions. More to follow, team England, the road to Qatar.

Staff Shortage

A sections of the Wales support staff are refusing to enter the nefarious, illogical planet of Qatar, the 2022 World Cup, reference human right’s issues. The Wales Football Association have asked FIFA and UEFA to think about their conscience on selecting host countries. The response, they have no conscience, is the kit man going? Now that could be a problem.

Hung Out to Dry

England’s heavy defeat, the worst since 1928, four to nil v Hungary in the strange Nations Cup highlights. The end of season drudgery of international matches at the season’s end with the players fatigued physically and mentally, no time to rest courtesy of the governing bodies, UEFA and FIFA. England were hung out to dry by the Hungarians and received with unsavoury chants aimed at Gareth Southgate of “You don’t know what you’re doing”, justified? Perhaps the supporters don’t understand the wider issues, defeats like this can happen, a freak result? Take is on the chin, a World Cup semi-final and European Championship final puts the chants into the shit pit, time for a pizza?