Reflection on Vanity Fair What Next for the Six Gun Money Gospel? The 50+1, The Rule of Sod, The Pollster No Parachutes Required, A Rallying Call

Time to reflect on the scandalous failed vanity fair European Super League concept with exposure of the club’s owners involved, the greedy rats fronted by the reviled duo Florentino Perez of Real Madrid and Juventus Andrea Agnelli, the named in this article with more to follow are crude and deserve to be spoken in crude terms. Real Madrid and Juventus have huge financial difficulties with Madrid in particular on course to hit a one billion pound debt, twitchy a— time for Perez who has turned into some kind of delusional crackpot stating that football would be obsolete by the year 2024, particularly with young people not tuning into football, further add-ons came with Perez claiming that the Chelsea supporters protesting were forced to go to Stamford Bridge, crazy, crazy, Perez quote “For the good of football, everyone will benefit”, akin to saying the ball’s orange, no it’s blue, a liar, a fraud.

The other head sinner Andrea Agnelli, the Juventus twit, the stench was initially in cahoots with friend and foe the UEFA chairman Aleksander Ceferin, time to hoot the horn, warning signs in Agnelli’s change of direction to corrupt the Champions League with the Italian’s pursuit of a money grab. Agnelli publicly jumps ship looking for a bigger money grab on board the failed European League cruise liner, cruise control not engaged, Agnelli’s before partner in situ Ceferin refers to Agnelli as a snake, so the story goes, pivotal heads on a stick “We want the money, no, we want the money, you are a snake, no you’re a bigger snake. UEFA trying to dress themselves as the innocents, as corrupt as the Super League falsehood.

Time to delve into the English deserters, the so called Big Six. The most reviled of all owners the Mackintosh Men, The Brothers, The Glaziers, smacked a— in the mirror, mortgaged the club up to the hilt, the bank of Manchester United, no interest charges on credit Mr Glazier, our customers, MUFC mortgage facility. The other disaster in progress Ed Woodward who knifed all and sundry in the back, no surprise there then, Perez and the ED had a global vision of Super Leagues, they believed their own hype that hey could run football, arrogance beyond belief, the gutless Woodward tendered his resignation, in came the passing of no return, fell on his sword, good riddance to Ed the ballsed up merchant. Speaking of footballs, perhaps we could invite the good old British bulldog to the party, no, not the Jersey Bulls, but Inter Miami, get Becks on board, David Beckham, Golden Balls, always looking for a grab. Across the divide and one of the highest ranking snakes in arms, the Liverpool owner JT Henry who’s been meddling with various proposals to line the pockets, Henry must think that the Liverpool supporters are plastered over one’s mug, cup of Novichok John, a grovelling apology was forthcoming, it’s like when the wife’s bolted out of the door after having an affair, the grass is not always greener on the other side, it is possible that JT Henry has shot his bolt at Liverpool, what does the JT stand for, John Terry Henry of Chelsea overtone’s, maybe that’s the explanation. A bigger stink prevails with another American owner on the block, the Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke who looks to have come from some kind of funeral parlour, not long to go now Kroenke before the plug’s pulled on you. Number two on the list for the most hated of owners. Coming up on the rails is the puppet, come CEO, come director boardroom seat warmer, the head shoe shiner, Tottenham’s Daniel Levy, who did the s— on Jose Mourinho sacking the special one a week before the League Cup final. The double s— take came with one’s embarkment on the Ashen driven road to the debunked European Super League. Levy would have been up all night smelling those green notes in eager anticipation. Tottenham’s owners are ENIC Investments, Daniel Levy and the invisible Joe Lewis, the three tiered snakes.

Into SW6 and the “Chelsea, Chelsea” with the Chelsea owner, the former toy salesman who made pennies turn into billions courtesy of Sibneft Oil without the white robes, the great Russian oil robbery with Vladimir Putin on board, and of course, the Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich who’s legacy now lies in tatters. Roman’s been trying to shift the buck onto the Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck, rumour has it that Roman was looking to build another super boat on the proceeds. Perhaps Roman could silently change his name to John DOE to remain unknown and anonymous, just keep ploughing the money that will suffice, “Chelsea, Chelsea”!

The proper white robed one, the last of the six low hitters, the Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour who smelt more money with the oiled up Super League concept, it was not to be, we will jump on board elsewhere for some proper money, oil money, leave Eastlands alone, no drilling there Sheikh.

What Next for the Six Gun Money Gospel?

What next for the six gun money gospel, the owners of football’s big stink, start point the London domain.

Stan Kroenke Arsenal

Kroenke at the Arsenal, a most hated figure before the debacle, has a higher Richter scale of hate. The effigy of Stan ‘not the man’ flying high outside the Emirates courtesy of the Arsenal faithful, a trailblazing figure in one’s money fusion, strike the match. Kroenke will try and hang on in there, a no sale, no show, Kroenke.

The Owners, Tottenham Hotspur

The Tottenham owners as mentioned will go through the cockerel trough, could survive the public opinion in time, Daniel Levy will have to tie down his public appearances to sustain one’s self.

Roman Abramovich Chelsea

The Abramovich money has been most welcome for the Chelsea faithful, so to tread carefully on Roman’s continued investment, could be the good deed of the day, chairman Bruce Buck and those below will face the brunt of the badness, as for Roman, more Chelsea blue skies on the horizon.

The Glaziers Manchester United

The Glaziers of no standing, no style, no respect, no moral fibre, sole intention on buying the club to take the value of the club for themselves, up to the hilt for the Mackintosh men. The Glazier Klu Klan invested five million pounds into a Tampa Bay children’s home for the local community to massage their ego’s and to mask their deception, to the Manchester community, an empty shell, remains courtesy of their inner contempt, the Glaziers have taken everything out and put nothing back in, two twinned, the club and the community. If the masked raiders of United hit the American Tampa Bay and became rowdies, then that would shake their world up to sell. The Glaziers will continue to play hide and seek in stateside now you see us, now you don’t, the Glaziers will stay out of shot range range, no sale.

JT Henry Liverpool

If ever the greed got hold of shooting one in the foot, it is the greed of JT Henry who has corroded twelve years of an outstanding worth ethic for the club reflecting with giving the City of Liverpool hope and a vibrance, with the flick of a switch, a five worded switch greed, followed with the JT imposing the jangling trembles on one’s self with a pitiful apology to all at Liverpool Football Club, don’t forget the supporters John, as weak as Liverpool’s defence for the collywobbler, of all the disgraced owners, Henry could be the first one to bite the dust. Liverpool FC is the cathedral of football, working class roots inspired, the day the magic of the great Bill Shankly walked through the gates of Anfield was the road to strong historical greatness. To JT Henry, you walked alone, you breached that bond, time to leave, JT Henry.

The 50 + 1, The Rule of Sod, The Pollster
No Parachutes Required

The German termed 50 + 1 model is a possible escape route from undesirable owners, the basics of the model is that the supporters own 51% of the club’s shares which stops the 49 percenters from running rogue, the owners in Germany who have been stripped of their control. The questions are, will the English government introduce legislation to evaluate, amending with regulation control and extinguish the dark side of football. The sport’s minister Garry Sutcliffe is endeavouring to implement these changes, a bill has to be passed through the Houses of Parliament. There is also a need to address the extortionate Premier League player’s wages which are a major drain on club’s finances, it is morally wrong and to suggest, corrupt (ref Hill’s Money Grab). To propose salary capping as the way forward to grab the initiative from players, alongside the maximum wages ceiling to be reintroduced, to kill the Jimmy Hill concept.

Onto the rule of sod, should the guilty big six clubs be fined, docked points or possible transfer embargos to be imposed, enter FIFA on that one, the condoning of the above is not of the Manero files but some forms of sanctions needs to be introduced, to suggest a points reduction at the season ending 2020-21, then to see how the league maps out giving the clubs below a possible route into Europe. Of interest is the fan pollster poll indicating a vote for no club sanctions, perhaps the supporters of the six clubs voted in majority on the poll. If the deducted points impact on these clubs then the supporters of these clubs need to accept this is it affects the clubs Europe entry, waiting for the green light on this course of action.

No parachutes required for the bailed out fallen six clubs executives from the big six who were required to resign from the Premier League’s committee, eject button activated, not fit for any roles on the advisory committees, not to be trusted, of extra spice is to see the despot driver, the Real Madrid chairman Florentino Perez become a desperado. The eagle has landed. There was no representative, they went missing in action.

A Rallying Call Victorious

We shall defeat them from the stands, we shall fight them in the courts, on land, the pitches, in the air for those aerial balls, we will put them out to sea, the corruptors will not prevail, we are the prevailers, for the good of football we are victorious, the supporters reign over football, victorious.