The Russian Tea Party

Sports people who make political comments alongside their actions, need to be squeaky clean in their own domain, before treading into unchartered territory. The press cuttings dating back in time to the 2018 World Cup hosted by Russia, brought to the forefront of many stars of the football world meeting Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin for tea and cakes, beware of the Napoleon cake, all very cosy.

The named will be named, Rio Ferdinand, Peter Schmeichel, Michael Ballack and Alex Scott to name a few, an embarrassment to the football world, not acceptable. Alex Scott is being mentioned as possibly the new presenter of a Question of Sport, perhaps a question of ethics for the named ones? For the record, Schmeichel and Ballack are white, prejudice cannot be directed and laid at one’s door, double standards could become the heading. Invitations could have been turned away, but the need to massage one’s ego, if that was the requirement, in one’s own mind.

A football shirt presentation was made to Putin, rumour has it that the word Novichok was printed on the shirt, strange not on the team sheet.

The Do Ron Ron

Time to order the new Nike gear and fill the Do Ron Ron’s bank account, as Ronaldo gears into override to promote Nike via a promotional film shoot and heading of course. Ronaldo employed a body double, a look a like Tom cruise, but Tom does not do body doubles. Allegedly Cruise does his own stunts, as for jumping off buildings, not Ron’s forte, could become one’s Achilles heel, must remain injury free to promote all that’s Nike, cruise control engaged, the Do Ron Ron does not so mission impossibles.

Tangerined, Tango

Manero explores Holland’s search for a new national manager, code named ‘Tangerined Tango Style’, time to hit the candidates on the short list.

Arsene Wenger, classified as being too economical, derives from the Arsenal school of economics, known as professor vitamin, shortfalls on one’s application, would al ways settle for fourth position finish in tournament football, interwoven to the Arsenal DNA.

Ruud Gullit, dodgy Ruud, management skills not at a premium, a growing of the previous dreadlocks might persuade the doubters.

Louis van Gaal, ridged systems set in team play, dinosaured out for the sergeant major of football, considered, but remarked ‘I’m retired’?

Steve McClaren, bizarrely, the much failed traveller of football clubs, is football’s Mary Poppins, who dropped into the tangerine hat, hit list, via Stevie Mac’s, McClaren’s famous umbrella routine for England, much rain in Holland, enough said on that one. Surprisingly McClaren was not offered the position, but of equal standing, it was Frank De Boer who landed the prized manager’s position in football’s ‘Tangerined, Tango Style’.

Frank de Boer was previously spotted as manager for Inter Milan for fourteen days, followed with Crystal Palace for four matches, compensation paid in full, stenched two big Boer holes in Frank’s CV, dismal sackings, meets the criteria for the Tangerine’s national position. The Dutch selection committee seen the mark, failure, hence Frank’s appointment? The thought process could be, take the batterings, not too many matches played in the calendar year, so we should be safe with Frank, Tangoed!

Humiliation Across the Divide

Manchester United’s 6-1 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur was equalled with Liverpool’s shock 7-2 defeat to Aston Villa, a shock in one defeat and a seen it coming with United’s debacle. United have defensive frailties and a lack of midfield defensive strength.

Can the same be said of Liverpool long term? Results of this magnitude can happen, a freakish result maybe, matches coming up will determine. Of note previously, Jurgen Klopp had an altercation at Chelsea with his backroom staff who Jurgen relies heavily on. The matter was not dealt with internally. This could possible fester, could possibly cause disruptions, clutching at straws? To suggest it will have some effect has to be considered. Jurgen’s former assistant Buvac has been airing his grievances, Buvac needs to correct his rhetoric and remain quiet, the coming months ahead will reveal all.