The Blue Armour of Carlo Ancelotti

The indifferent work ethos and performance levels of key past personnel comes under the Manero microscope in the blue half of Merseyside, Everton Football club.

Director of football Marco Brands in particular has taken the brunt of any critical reviews, time for the true facts to be revealed on Brand’s arrival under the Dutch man’s conveyor belt, Iwobi, Gomes, Digne, Bernard, Richarlison to name a few duly arrived. Before Brands arrival, Walcott, Keane Sigurosson, Tosun were all in situ at the club, plus other players of no note. This second bracket of players signals failure, add to this of the before manager, Koeman, alongside Allardyce, both delivered the worst of all, player wise.

In reality terms, Marcel Brands’ recruitment drive must aspire to an 8 out of 10 marking, failure as suggested on Brands’ part, it is not. The grey areas cam with the recruitment of players for specific areas of the team who were not needed, the areas of the team frame work in need were neglected, that dereliction of duty fails on the before cigar sitting Koeman, the too laid back Sam Allardyce, in defence of Marco Silva’s tenure, the recruitment drive hits at a good rating.

Poor management in its entirety from the mentioned three managers has impacted on owner Moshiri’s ownership dreams, can the Iranian alongside Brands be blamed for others failings? Failure holds total court in other areas, read between the lines.

Moshiri is prepared to return to the table until the managers he employs aspire to their job title befitting of their CV’s, hence their employment previous. The failings of others cannot be laid at Moshiri’s door or co-owner Bill Kenwright, in hindsight Moshiri would have come to an understanding that to become successful as the manager of Everton Football club, you have to be in part, unique, Carlo Ancelotti is that man, unique. The Everton mantra fits the Italian like a glove, the Holy Grail, come Trinity needs to be re-built through the core of the club, Carlo Ancelotti will become the blue armour of Everton Football Club, Ancelotti will deliver the Holy Grail!