Linked in the Jury and Duckenfield

The accused man in the dock, the former Hillsborough police chief, David Duckenfield, was absolved of manslaughter at Preston Crown Court.

The facts, records, cannot proceed beyond the points that follow; the safety officer at Hillsborough, Graham Mackrell, would have furnished Duckenfield with the safety figures at the Leppings Lane Terrace, with the allocated match tickets sold two to three weeks before the match, to concur with the safety figures stipulated. Once Duckenfield gave the orders for a main exit gate, adjacent to the Leppings Lane terrace to be opened to the Liverpool supporters who were not allocated tickets for this area to flood into the congested Leppings Lane Terrace, then it should have become apparent to Duckenfield that the safety figures would have been breached.

Under pressure, Duckenfield lost focus and failed in his duties, leading to the catastrophe that followed, the loss of 96 lives. Would the Hillsborough disaster have occurred if Duckenfield had not given the orders to open the before mentioned gate? The jury itself should be held accountable for malpractice in line with the former police chief David Duckenfield.