Klopp’s Dereliction of Duty

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp’s decision to boycott Liverpool’s FA Cup match replay v Shrewsbury Town offers a stench unbecoming. Do the Liverpool supporters and hierarchy agree with Klopp’s stance? It’s no on both counts, but quiet they stayed.

Klopp is paid humungous sums of money to manage Liverpool Football Club and is disrespecting the FA Cup’s historical value, appeal and much needed revenue for the smaller clubs. The FA cup should not be used as Klopp’s vehicle to display his displeasure at the congested fixture list.

Perhaps the football authorities should disrespect Klopp and not invite the club into next season’s FA cup, Jurgen can then have all the holidays he wants, auf wiedersehen Jurgen!

The Football Toilers

To the faithful football toilers on a large industrial scale, remember, don’t work too many hours, fatigue might set in, stretch the hamstrings, be wary of the groin strains, play not on the same scale, as 007’s nemesis Blofeld would say, “Cuckoo” too many eggs in one basket, football matches of course!


Jurgen says he is no flag bearer, but that is what he has become, the ‘flag bearer’ in his quest to blow hot air over the fields of gloom, fixture wise, in conduct unbecoming.

City Handcuffed

Manchester City have been made guilty of not adopting fair play within the financial fair play league of the UEFA, who themselves are laundered in murky waters. A 25 million fine with a 2 year Champion’s League ban has been imposed, but the fight goes on, with City rejecting these claims.

Questions can remain on UEFA’s table in line with who launders the 25 million fine winging its way to UEFA coffers? And why should any elite football club’s businesses be UEFA’s business?
City’s incoming and outgoing revenues should not be dictated to by the governing bodies whose coffers ca be hugely swelled with continued fines being imposed on clubs, that’s the real deal behind the deal!