Brand Beckham

The newly created David Beckham’s Foot Work Elite Agency, or is it Money Up For Grabs Agency, could be classed as a front for a Football Agency hoping to cream money off young English talent, fees added of course. Sitting quietly in the background is Brand Beckham, on a par as a money making machine DB will grab any opportunity for self investment. Some would suggest that the Inter Miami project is disguised as the same, come front man, come revenge, come Beckham.

If substance prevailed, Beckham could have made a serious investment into an English club. As for Brand Beckham, the money machine goes on.

Football’s Money Drain

At the last count, 260 million pounds was syphoned out of football through the agent’s dubious work, akin to ‘snakes’ in football’s blades of grass. In this particular area, FIFA are setting measures in place to deal with this problem.