The Charity Brief, Public Relations and Visa Completed

Charity Brief

Harry Redknapp’s self charitable exercise for one’s self promotion with the front of helping charitable organisations, alongside Harry’s charges for signed photos and services charged, as the HR sinks lower than a sewer’s rat.

Public Relations

The other virus in town, the Coronavirus has severely impacted on Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, who must be applauded with positive recognition for surrendering their two Manchester owned hotels for the NHS to treat people with the virus symptoms, the PR machine remains well healed and oiled.

Visa Completed

The now Israel based, due to Visa problems, Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, has relinquished all of his based Chelsea FC hotel to the NHS for people suffering from the Coronavirus, to shed at the Chelsea end, a better light on Roman’s visa conundrum, welcome home Roman!