Transfers that Shook the World

Louis Figo

In the year 2000, Portugal’s Louis Figo brought in the era of the galactious with Figo’s much maligned transfer from Barcelona to arch rivals Real Madrid for 37 million pounds. To the general Spanish public, or “Hona’s” to Figo, which in brief translation “The move took balls” end quote, but to Barca, the sight of Figo being transported out of the galaxy on a galactious marked Barca space would have been more befitting.
Louis prior to transfer had a buy out clause which the Iberian invoked with “some balls”, particularly during the bitter Derby’s between the clubs, where the police presence was doubled due to the Figo factor. To further rub up the Barca, Figo later became the chief of Real Madrid once Louis’ playing career came to an end.

Fernando Torres

During the transfer window of January 2011 and on the window sill, the red phone of Liverpool rang to the dial tones of a 50 million pound bid, across the window bays, it was Chelsea, thumbs up, deal on, as Torres became the fourth on the all time list of highest fees paid. Some people suggested at the time that Liverpool could not possibly have refused such a huge offer for a player who was showing signs of decline, but to the Liverpool supporters, “betrayal” became the watch word and hurt many people. By the form book, form is temporary, while class is permanent, Torres tested that theory during the Spaniards much maligned time at Chelsea.
Transfers that shook the world part 4 will appear during March.