Taylor Made for One’s Self

The Professional Footballer’s Association’s chairman Gordon Taylor who allegedly lines his pockets with the PFA’s cash, clearly does not want the same occurrence happening with the PFA’s piggy bank being raided, if Taylor is not the recipient, which could have a draining effect on one’s wealth, or is the PFA’s.

Taylor has long been an advocate of protecting player’s contract disputes, but for the Coronavirus pandemic to impact on the PFA’s money standing, Taylor is quick to distance himself, stating that clubs need to provide detailed evidence before funds being released for the player’s welfare in the lower leagues.

The Players Respond

The Premiership’s players of the quoted clubs, via the press, lead the way with players donating money to the NHS and wage deferrals on a percentage ratio, alongside the Premier League, donating 20 million pounds, with 125 million being pumped into the lower leagues. Taylor again has been exposed in his world of narcissism.

Taylor’s Response

Taylor has decided to cut a slice of his PFA cash in a donation form of 500,000 pounds to the footballer’s charities.

The Recommendation

Gary Neville’s publicised role as a mediator between the EFL, Leagues 1 and 2 and the players is a forward step in the deliberations. Neville has a vested interest as part owner of League 2 Salford City. Gary transmits the trade union vibe in his demeanour having has positive dealings during the possible fiasco sale of Wembley Stadium.

When Taylor does leave office, it is a role as the PFA chairman which Neville could step into and become the Arthur Neville of football without the Scargill persona. Under the umbrella of positive vibes and a forward, not self indulgent PFA.

Rest in Peace

The Football Column pays it’s respects to PEP Guardiola’s mother who passed away due to Covid-19, and to the Chelsea icon Peter Bonetti’s family, Peter died of natural causes. Condolences to the family of the Leeds United legend Norman Hunter, who passed away due to Covid-19.