An Unravelling of Morrison, Includes a Rallying Call, & Not So Kean and Vroom Vroom

An Unravelling of Morrison

The never ending meanderings of the former Manchester United player Ravel Morrison, who according to the given eye of the former players of Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand, to name two, was mainly in training sessions, a super gifted player, the best talent they have seen, so why did Morrison fail?

Temperamental, bad attitude, background problems, work ethic and the desire form within, without the named attributes required, then any player with the required talent will fail, players also require the right environment to flourish and succeed, Ferdinand revealed that Morrison needed personal guidance. In highlight mode, would Ian Rush have esteemed to the levels which he did if Ian had transferred to one of the Welsh man’s suitors, Manchester City, perhaps environment problems would have de-railed Ian’s career,

Kenny Dalglish became Ian’s mentor at Liverpool, Morrison was devoid of this.

To point the spotlight at the lower leagues and comparisons can be made, there are many players who could have performed at the highest of levels, but were not afforded the opportunity, the game is littered with bad scouting reports. When football does return, clubs, perhaps will have to scout the lower leagues with more intent, make the scouting net work at the required level, the players are there, give them that opportunity, clubs will benefit from the transfer cash, it’s called looking after your own, generate and re-generate the cash within English football, minimise transfers from abroad, down size the agents with their grubby hands, play the youngsters, give them that opportunity, what’s the point of academies without opportunity, attitudes, work ethics, personal values need to change, English football needs to survive, we are all in this together, from the supporters to the stewards, the canteen, come bar staff, the groundsman, car park attendants, the programme sellers, even the pitch side tractor, every possible gain must be grasped, a rallying call to continue the longevity and prosperity of English football, safety measures permitting.

Not so Kean

Another disturbing headline was bestowed upon English football with Everton’s Moise Kean partying to all hours with several models, breaking the Coronavirus lockdown rules. Kean was so pleased with his antics that he revealed all on the outlet, titled ‘snapshot’.

During August 2018, Kean arrived at Everton with a promising reputation. During match play, Kean never seemed match fit, stumbling for balls, lacking the pace to go beyond defenders, as for Everton’s training regime, is the fitness coach or nutritional department at Everton failing to provide Kean with the required levels of fitness? Questions have to be asked, not just of Moise Kean, but within the boundaries of Everton’s training HP, Finch Farm.

In Comment Reiterated

Are Everton’s training methods and guidance type manual being properly regulated for Kean, if the Everton hierarchy have not familiarized themselves with Kean’s fitness, it is also for them to be questioned.

A Comparison Take

Ravel Morrison appeared in Manchester United’s first team on three occasions, all made as substitute appearances, all in the League Cup competition. Take note, Moise Kean.

Vroom Vroom 1st Off the Grid

First up and running, no, not the Grand National, that finished in April, or did it? With the South Korean K League being the first League on planet Coronavirus to start the round ball in action, football of course, with the vroom vroom of Jeonbuk Motors v the wing spanned Suwon Bluewings.

To mark the occasion with no spectators was the sounds of cheering supporters being piped in, alongside a banging drum, or was it bag pipes, Ally’s Tartan Army perhaps? Much prefer the cardboard cut outs as spectators, no chance of any fan abuse.

Bizarrely the BBC aired the match on their website, with over 20,000 switching in , much akin to watching the Dog and Duck on a Sunday afternoon, as for watching the paint dry, tune in next week, courtesy of the BBC.