The Season’s Departed

Marco Silva

Silva showcased his uneasiness with his management style, most probably knew he was blagging it in part, but the Iberian’s personality pattern had many fooled to a degree. Coaching prowess running at a 50% ratio, can now sit out in relative luxury, Villa delivered of Portuguese type, courtesy of Everton’s millions and another failed manager. Future career pattern indicates a return path to top flight management with the closing of the door is now firmly shut. The calling of the Greeks will suffice.

Manuel Pellegrini

A philosophy and an outdated management mode nailed the Pellegrini’s Hammer’s mast to non descript performances and on occasions abysmal abjectivity. The fast moving changing winds within football have passed by the Pellegrini who became a kite in the Premiership hurricane, akin to Marco Silva. No more gold plates at football’s top tables, the Chilean weather will prevail under the umbrella of West Ham’s millions for the man who knew the sack was coming, but was incandescent of this.

Unai Emery

Unai became the number 1 target of the pundits, critics come press core in their quest for a high Profile sacking. The fans jumped on board and believed the negative hype, hoodwinked and battened down. Emery will return to top level management, there lies the reality of a rank bad decision to sack the Spaniard.

Sanchez Flores

Flores returned for a second bite of the Watford Hornet’s nest. A second return invariably leads to failure at most clubs. Sanchez failed to hit the ground running due to having a similar management template to the man Flores replaced, Javier Garcia can rekindle his career in the Spanish La Liga, still a respected coach, come manager, clubs with similar statue to the likes of Malaga could become Sanchez’s stamping grounds.

Mauricio Pochettino

Mauricio lost the support of the hierarchy, left rudderless to a degree. The failure of the management above to conduct new contracts with key members of the first team, impacted on Pochettino’s continued progression rate, the failure also to provide funds for possible new signings played a major role in Pochettino’s departure, in particular created a negative vibe around the manager, which transmitted itself to the players. A top class manager who will return to the pinnacle of world football.