The Wood Rot Has Set in Manchester United

There are no excuses for the much published attack on Manchester United’s director of all sorts, Ed Woodward’s home, all be it from a striker’s distance, but the Manero understands their angst, been there, seen it, done it, wore the t-shirt, no, not with the flares and the threatening behaviour, just looking for a cosy chat.

We all have our clubs, wear the badge with pride, owners and players come and go, but we, the supports, always remain, always will, my club is part of me, part of my soul, always will be, the passion never dies, never will, the Glaziers and the Woodward’s of our true football world cannot connect with us, never will. In return the Manchester United supporters are served a dollop of you know what on a most weekly basis, akin to watching the red paint dry, but even that’s lacking in the stadium’s décor.

Ed Woodward will not appoint a director of football because it would disrupt the cosy life style of his financial pay days, like wise for the owners, the glaziers, with their motto being, plod away, let the punters pay the money and we cream in the money cake, as United fan Mick Hucknall would say, “We are Simply Red”, even the peeling paint is questioning that take!