Manero Follows the Hype

Paul Pogba, Detailed

Holds his position good, works the middle, right and left lines in equal abundance, technical skills, good category.

Stats delivered, mis-placed passes, 5, progressive passes 3 multiple 10 to 15 yard passes, 30+. Shots on goal 2, one on target. 1 x failed to back track. Work rate, average.

Pogba took up to 42 minutes to show any aggression with a hefty challenge, followed with a sublime pass.

Pogba is not prepared to explode into dangerous positions and take the opposition on with any dribbling skills, not on a regular basis, but did offer the forte in part, without ball retention in the 56th minute with an explosive
sprinted run from the half way line to the opposition’s penalty area. Has it in his locker, the box is full of goodies if Pogba is in the mindset to deliver, but seems prepared to sit in a comfort zone.

If this is Pogba’s regular diet of performance, then there is no justification on the huge fee paid, if Pogba can raise his attitude and work rate then he can deliver on that reported 90 million + fee.

The Pogba File

The Manero opinion, Pogba needs to inject a lower gravity movement in his play, stride pattern too long and gaited, needs to shorten the stride pattern and inject pace into his running, too upright in movement, needs to
change mindset, a strong work ethic is required to make this progressive work, the problem is the comfort zone which Pogba likes to enrich. Too much soft touch football, no time to re-adjust.

Even world class players can become a work in progress and Paul Pogba comes into that category!