Peps Carabao Kingdom, Aleksander Čeferin – A Further Boffin Report, and Snippets

Pep’s Carabao Kingdom

Congratulations to Manchester City’s reaffirming of their position as the Carabao kings, with Pep Guardiola’s craving for a continuous winning of English Football’s second domestic cup for a third year on the bounce and a fourth final in five years, which falls in line with Pep’s wish to ditch the competition?

Aleksander Čeferin

According to the UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin, English football should abandon the League Cup due to fixture congestion, which in turn has been in part, created by UEFA. It is not for English football’s lower league clubs who budget on extra revenue from the League Cup to be punished by UEFA’s nonplussing ideals, they embrace greed and malpractices, the badge of the UEFA organisation.

Any fines imposed on English clubs would be better filtered into the English lower leagues, rather than being syphoned into UEFA’s Swiss bank accounts, tax free of course. Perhaps Aleksander Čeferin should take gardening leave for those green fingers on UEFA’s mission to fill their bank accounts.

A Further Boffin Report

A report from the boffin society (university) states that footballers pay more attention to their managers if they wear a tracksuit on training days and a suit on match days, they say this creates a strong rapport between the management and team.

Personally, I have never seen a manager wear a suit on training days, perhaps the boffins will inform us next that there are spending cuts in the Premiership to enlighten us further!


According to the former show pony referee Mark Clattenburg, handball cannot be awarded from a deflection of an opposition’s player, too much time in the Dubai sun for Clattenburg!

Andy Carroll

The grapevine’s juices have revealed that Newcastle’s Andy Carroll has been contracted for one game a season, injuries permitting of course!

Tangoed Jurgen Klopp

The double edged take followed with Jurgen Klopp has been Tangoed two times having defended the historical value of the League Cup, fielding reserve sides permitted, following on from Jurgen’s unsupporting stance on the FA Cup, also reserve sides permitting.

Arsenal Football Club

Any chance of the Arsenal since the sacking of Unai Emery, performance wise, not in my book. A relatively early doors exit to the Greeks of Olympiakos, who they should have dispatched with relative ease, in line with a club of Arsenal’s statue, in the Europa League, signals an end to Mikel Arteta’s honeymoon period, the terraces have fallen silent, in comparison, Unai Emery did deliver a Europa League final. Perhaps the return of Arsene Wenger will suffice?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has earned the benefit of the doubt for the immediate future and beyond as the Manchester manager, concurring with a sharp upturn in performances, alongside Solskjaer player recruitment, which has been beneficial, suggesting that director of all sorts, Ed Woodward’s say on player input must have been constructively pushed to one side. United still have an air of being tepid on occasions. Manchester united can now be termed as a work in progress, but can United prevail beyond this point? Football’s sands of time will reveal all.