A Cloud of Ash

Mike Ashley’s attempts to de-rail the real facts behind the Rafa Benitez departure at Newcastle is nowhere near the truth, to confer with Ashley’s no honesty ownership.

Ashley has a 12 year history failure with managers and himself, the Ash is on the ride to generate revenue for himself and his surplus companies via the football club.

Would Benitez have stayed if offered what was promised, has Ashley given the new incumbent Steve Bruce peanuts and has the Ash made a fast buck on the 30 million pound figure for the sell of Perez, its yes on all counts.

Ashley gave an extended interview in anticipation of a dramatic fall in attendances. Like any businessman, Ashley is worried about being hit where it hurts, the pocket.

Do the majority of the 50,000 Geordies want Ashley to leave, yes on the first count and counting, they see Ash for what he is, you’re in the minority of one Mike, time to leave, the facts don’t lie!