The Hand of God, Star Wars FIFA, and the Human Eye v VAR

The updated rules on the handball offence makes a mockery of football’s the hand ball rule which should be placed into two windows, window 1, did the player intentionally handle the ball and window 2, did the player mis-intentionally handle the ball.

The Football Column advocates a simplifying of FIFA’s mocked up rules, it should not be left to the hands of the gods.

Star Wars, FIFA are looking into employing robots (unpaid of course) to become assistant referees, but can robots run and raise a flag without staged movement, WD 40 at the ready, don’t want to upset the natives, tin helmets at the ready!

The human eye v VAR, the much maligned VAR system is taking the brunt of the criticism, but in reality the human eye is the problem.

The problem lies with the screen monitors personnel who cannot make the correct and proper judgement on many decisions, a broad lined non understanding of football is the real problem. Perhaps the robots could be employed?